Crocodile Scrapers

Crocodile Scrapers
Crocodile Scrapers

How many times have you seen a musician playing an instrument or heard the sweet melody of a song that touches the heart and thought, ‘I wish I could do that?’. It might seem like the piano virtuoso handling Handel’s Water Music suite like a pro has some sort of super-human ability, but I can promise you one thing with absolute certainty; there was a day when they picked up the instrument for the first time, and when they did, they probably knew even less about it than you do now!
Like all good things, the best place to start is at the beginning, and the only way to learn music is by doing. So, okay, maybe you don’t have space for a piano in your student digs, or maybe the neighbours to your two-up two-down terraced house might not appreciate it if you decide to take up a now found interest in the kettle drums, but the world of music is far from closed to you or your family!
Getting Started
Curvy Sounds in Newcastle are the local specialists in all things musical and have something for everybody. From their range of beautiful stringed instruments, guitars and ukuleles, to their pocket-sized percussion range, they can help you get your fingers on the rhythm.
Where to Start?
But what should your new instrument be? A Steinway grand piano? A 4/4 jumbo double bass? A big bass drum? Okay, maybe something smaller... how about one of Curvy Sound’s, beautifully hand-made crocodile scrapers?
Crocodile scrapers? Are you serious, I hear you ask? Yes! You heard me loud and clear! Crocodile scrapers! Crocodile scrapers! Crocodile scrapers!
Okay, so maybe I exaggerate, but there are some really lovely reasons to get one of the full range of animal inspired musical scrapers from Curvy Sounds, whether it is one of the truculent armadillo scrapers, the cute cricket scrapers or the snappy crocodile scrapers.
Firstly, music should be fun, inviting and enjoyable, and these easy to master, satisfying percussion instruments are a great way to get involved without investing more than the price of a coffee and cake in your local chain coffee shop. These beautiful little crocodile scrapers also help to build hand eye co-ordination and are a great way of learning the connection between the ear, the hand and the mind that is the bedrock of mastering everything from crocodile scrapers to the Hendrix guitar lick.
Inspiring children to join in with music is important, and these gorgeous crocodile scrapers, which are hand carved in Thailand, are great for kids to enjoy. Having a little animal scraper menagerie in the family space is a fantastic way of showing children that music is something they can get involved with.
So, it might be a while till the International Animal Scraper Orchestra sells out at the Utilita Arena, but these pocket-sized crocodile scrapers are a beautiful, cheap and easy way to get big kids and little kids involved in the wonderful world of making music!