Half Size Guitars

Half size guitars

There is something amazing about creating music, and whether you are an experienced musician or a budding new player, the joy, creativity, freedom of expression and satisfaction of creating sounds using an instrument is quite literally there at your fingertips. One of the most important parts of being a musician or playing a musical instrument is deciding what musical instrument is best for you. Lots of different factors can come into play as you make this decision, and it is not a decision that should be taken lightly. Most musicians pick their instrument because they like the sound it makes, which, it must be agreed, is a pretty good reason. Some musicians choose their instrument to follow in the footsteps of an artist or band that they like, while others decide to learn an instrument so that they can fill a gap in a group (usually why they learn bass guitar!).
One amazing instrument that you could consider is the mandolin. The mandolin is a beautiful instrument with a huge range and versatility that has often been portrayed in classical literature as a vital tool in the arsenal of the ardent paramour, and an instrument capable of expressing deep emotion. Why not take a moment to read about the fascinating instrument that is the mandolin, a bit about the history of the mandolin, and where to go to try a mandolin for yourself?
The Mandolin
The mandolin looks to many like a small, stylized guitar, but on closer inspection the mandolin is far more interesting! Most mandolins have 4 pairs of strings (so, eight in total), which are usually tuned like a violin, with the second string in each pair on the mandolin being tuned to the matching perfect fifth to create a melodic, harmonic sound. There are lots of varieties of mandolin, with slightly different body shapes, sizes and numbers of strings, but the most common mandolin style is the Neapolitan style. Modern mandolin designs have pinched technology from the world of guitar production, and it is common for a modern mandolin to have a reinforced neck and steel strings to give better tone and amplification.
The mandolin is a great option for musicians looking to have a standout sound that can play solo, accompany a singer or compliment folk, country, pop and alternative ensembles easily. The mandolin has existed for hundreds of years and was regularly mentioned by Shakespeare. The mandolin has long been a musician’s instrument, adding texture and complexity to all sorts of genres.
Try A Mandolin for Yourself
If you want to try a mandolin for yourself, get a feel of the instrument and see if you like the sound of the mandolin, get yourself down to Curvy Sounds in Newcastle. The team at Curvy Sounds have a great choice of mandolin and related instruments, and they can help you pick out the right mandolin for you. They can also help you with mandolin strings, straps and mandolin care. Get in touch with Curvy Sounds today to try a mandolin for yourself!