Wind Instruments

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You can contact us on :0191 4474342,, or instagram, or through the website.

We have a small range of second hand Wind Instruments.

We also can order in a wide range of new Odyssey Wind Instruments-

Flutes, Piccolo, Saxophones, Clarinets, Trumpets, Cornets, Tuba and Flugel Horns.

Wind Instruments

Alto Saxophone Gear for Music
( Alto Saxophone G4M )

Gear for Music Alto Saxophone.This Saxophome looks beautiful with its black and gold finish!

Its a budget Saxophone, but has been made well , and plays great!Preloved but hardly played it is in excellent condition and comes with a soft foam case.

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Clarinet Console
( Clarinet Console )

This Console Clarinet , is a good value starter Clarinet to begin to learn on, to get an idea of the instrument.

Although plastic bodied, it sounds good and comes fully serviced with a hard case.

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Boosey and Hawks Edgware Clarinet
( ClarinetB&HEdgware )

Boosey and Hawks Edgware Clarinet . Serial number 221323, made in 1982. This is a beautifully made ,good quality Student Clarinet,perfect for progressing to a higher level in your playing.An excellent jazz instrument or for playing Orchestral pieces, or what ever you feel like throwing at it! Made from Grenadilla wood Fully Serviced.Comes with hard case.

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Buffet Evette Bb Clarinet
( ClarinetBuffetEvette )

This Buffet Evette Clarinet, is an very good, plastic bodied, starter Bb Clarinet, to learn on. Buffet Crampon started making musical instruments in Germany in 1925 and has earnt an excellent reputation for quality , especially in making Clarinets. Serial number:191334 Comes with hard case.Fully serviced.

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Mini Trumpet Stagg 77 MT/BK
( MiniTrumpet Stagg )

Reduced to £225 in Sale . This Stagg Mini Trumpet 77-MT/BK is a beautiful little instrument that tucks neatly into its tiny hard case  and can be slung into your bag and can go with you whereever your travels take you. It is tuned in Bb flat like a regular trumpet ,with the same length tubes, just coiled round .It has a fantastic , bright ,loud, satisfying sound....

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Olds 'Ambassador' Trombone
( Olds Trombone )

Trombones have been made by Olds since 1908 and they make excellent , high Quality brass, woodwind and now percussion too. This 'Ambassador' Olds  Trombone has seen some action,with it's serial number as 92237 it dates to1974 .It has some wear on the metal work, but it has beem checked over our superb wind repair man, and he has made sure it is...

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Sopranino John Packer Saxophone
( Sopranino JPackerSax )

This exquisite little John Packer Sopraninio Saxophone is the same tuning as an Alto in Eb, sowill make sense to an Alto player straight away! It's Rose brass body and Abalone buttons make it a beautiful object to look at in itself.It has been given a full service by Larry Sinclair our wood wind repair man , and it is playing beautifully! What John Packer says...

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Soprano Saxophone Conn- Selmer Liberty
( Soprano Selmer Sax )

Soprano Conn-Selmer Liberty Saxophone. This Conn-Selmer is an excellent, high quality Soprano Sax for the progressing Student.It looks fabulous with its gold laquer and engraved bell. The gold brass has a higher copper content than standard brass and this gives it a warmer, silky tone .It is perfect for Jazz but will adapt beautifully for what ever music you want to...

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Yamaha Trumpet YTR 634
( Yamaha Trumpet YTR )

Reduced in the sale from £650 to £555,£550 if you buy direct in the shop This Yamaha Trumpet YTR 634 is an excellent high quality Trumpet.Made in the 80's, it is a little worn but is fully serviced and in excellent working order.  Comes with hard case.

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Yamaha Trumpet YTR1335
( YamahaTrumpetYTR13 )

£11 off if you buy direct in store. This Yamaha YTR1335 is an excellent starter Student Trumpet, excellent quality as all Yamaha instruments are.  " It is a solid built instrument with many of the features of a professional instrument but built by Yamaha but specifically for the beginner student in mind.  Music teachers are quick to recommend the Yamaha due...

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