Wind Instruments

We have a small range of second hand Wind Instruments.

We also can order in a wide range of new Odyssey Wind Instruments-

Flutes, Piccolo, Saxophones, Clarinets, Trumpets, Cornets, Tuba and Flugel Horns.

Wind Instruments

Blessing Bb Clarinet
( Blessing Bb Clarinet )

Blessing Student Bb Clarinet. Good quality,solidly made instrument. Perfect for the beginner student. Model BLL-1080 Nickel plated keys. Plastic body. Undercut tone holes. Plastic body. Comes with hard case.

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Earlham Soprano Saxophone Professional Series II
( Earlham Soprano Sax )

Earlham Soprano Bb Saxophone  Model ESS 370 2nd hand but in excellent condition. Specifications: To High G. Detachable straight and curved neck. Power forged keywork for strength. Adjustable brass thumb hook. Adjustable Auxiliary Top F key. G Sharp key adjusting  screw. B Flat key adjusting screw. Low C sharp...

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Selmer 'Action 80' Alto Saxophone
( Selmer Action 80 Alt )

 Selmer 'Action 80' Alto Saxophone  This stunning Selmer sax,with its beautiful engraving, was made in 1983 and is in very good condition. It sounds incredible ,with a luminous liquid tone,with an underlay of gravel and some serious bite! Henri Selmer started his woodwind company in Paris in1885 ,making mouthpieces,reeds and clarinets.In...

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