Wind Instruments

We are closed for the Queens Jubilee from Thursday the  02/06/22 to Saturday the 04/06/22.We will reopen on Tuesday the 6th and then will resume normal hours Tuesday to Saturday 10am-5.30pm.

If you have any enquires you can get in touch by email or through the website or ring 07725524928.

We have a small range of second hand Wind Instruments.

We also can order in a wide range of new Odyssey Wind Instruments-

Flutes, Piccolo, Saxophones, Clarinets, Trumpets, Cornets, Tuba and Flugel Horns.

Wind Instruments

Moeck 'Rottenburg' Descant / Soprano Recorder 4205
( MoeckRottenburgDesc )

Moeck Rottenburg Descant/Soprano Recorder This range of Popular Recorders were designed by Friedrich von Huene in homage to the recorders created by Belgium maker Jean-Hyacinth-Joseph Rottenburg (1672-1756) . They are beautifully made and are known to be a very reliable , easy to play and versatile model of recorder, and the dense Rosewood  it is turned from...

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Olds Trombone
( Olds Trombone )

Trombones have been made by Olds since 1908 and they make excellent , high Quality brass, woodwind and now percussion too. This Trombone has seen some action,with it's serial number as 92237 it dates to1974 .It has some wear on the metal work, but it has beem checked over our superb wind repair man, and he has made sure it is all in excellent working order....

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Yamaha Tenor Saxophone YTS-62
( YamahaTenorSaxYTS62 )

 This Yamaha YTS-62 Tenor Saxophone is an absolute Beauty, with gorgeous yellow brass,hand engraved with a floral design .The weight of it, the thickness of the brass and the solid way it has been put together, just exudes quality when you hold it ,and it has a lush, rich tone when you play. It is Yamaha's most popular professional grade model and for good reason....

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