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Second Hand Instruments

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We buy and sell second hand instruments.

We offer a lovely range of second hand guitars, all of which have unique characters and stories and each sounds and feels so different. All of them are given a Curvy Sounds service when they arrive,so they are fixed and set up to play like a dream.

If you can, come in and test them out,see what suits you!

If you are from further afield and can't come to the shop,but are interested in a second hand guitar,email us at curvysounds@yahoo.com and we will give you  an in depth, description of the instrument .



Second Hand Instruments

Admira Diana ADM300
( Admira Diana ADM300 )

This Admira Diana is a lovely Classical Guitar.The solid Cedar top gives it a lush,warm mellow tone.It is incredible good value for a solid top guitar and excellent quality for an entry level model- an exceptionally good Guitar to learn on.                                 Specifications:    ...

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Aiersi Gypsy Jazz Guitar GPO2TS
( Aiersi Gypsy Jazz )

Aiersi Gypsy Jazz Guitar GPO2TS. This Beautiful Guitar has been made in homage to the Gypsy Jazz guitars played by Django and his compadres in the 1930's in the heyday of the french Gypsy swing Scene.This 'Petite Bouch' model has the distincitve oval sound hole and the guitar is just perfect fo playing Django style jazz.  ...

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Aria , Active ,Fretless Bass
( Aria Fretless Bass )

Aria Active ,Fretless Bass. This Bass has a very versatile range of sound and tone.It's humbucker pick up ,can be divided with a coil splitter switch ,from double coil to single coil,changing the sound from full fat ,to punchy and precise!It has 2 volume and 2 tone knobs ,one for each coil! It also can be switched from Passive to active, boosting all the...

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( Audition Japanese 60 )

This Audition was made in Japan in the 60’s. With its 2 single coil Alnico magnet pick ups, and its massive whammy bar,it produces a fantastic range of classic 60’s tones.We restored this guitar,and unlike in the 60’s,it now plays like an absolute dream. Specifications: :Pick ups: 2 single coil alnico magnet 60’s pick ups. :Controls: 2 pick...

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( Bandurria )

Reduced from £186 to £160.   The Bandurria  or Spanish Mandolin is a musical instrument which crosses a Mandolin with a Guitar.Small and tear dropped in shape- it has six double strings and so is accessible both to Mandolin and Guitar players Beautifully, hand crafted ,in Spain. It gives an Iberian flavour to your music!

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( Bandurria )

Reduced from £186 to £160.   The Bandurria  or Spanish Mandolin is a musical instrument which crosses a Mandolin with a Guitar.Small and tear dropped in shape- it has six double strings and so is accessible both to Mandolin and Guitar players Beautifully, hand crafted ,in Spain. It gives an Iberian flavour to your music!

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( Bazouki )

Reduced in sale from £310 to £225                                          Electro Acoustic Bazouki. Celtic Star,designed in Germany. Comes with Strap and Hard Case.

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Carmelo del Valle
( Carmelo del Valle )

This Carmello Del Valle  guitar is a beautiful high end classical Guitar. Made in 1983 by Cuenca Guitars in Spain.                                    Cuenca Guitars has been producing quality guitars since...

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Cort 5 string Bass
( Cort 5string Bass )

Cort 5 String Bass. GB35 Tuned to a low B-great sub base frequencies .Stonking Fat Sound! Well balanced to hold and it's Curvy sounds set up, with low action makes it really easy to play. Made in Indonesia Serial number: 021114215 Body:Agathis Neck :Canadian Maple  Fretboard:Rosewood  Frets:22 Sclae :34" Inlay:...

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D’Angelico EXS-1
( D’Angelico EXS-1 )

This beautiful D’Angelico EXS-1 ,has been reproduced exactly as the the originals were designed by the great John D’Angelico.With its ornate headstock and stepped,art deco style tailpiece,truss rod plate, machine heads and scratch plate,it is a magestic guitar to behold.Its 3”deep hollow body,gives it a rich ,luscious tone and it is a joy to play....

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Dean Zelinsky USA Royale
( DBZ USA Royale )

Dean Zelinski founded DBZ ,with 2 partners ,in 2008.Their guitars are an amazing symbiosis of the tradional and the modern, taking traditional classic guitar designs and resculpting them into a slick,slimline pared down shape, that feels futuristic and fluid to hold!                                ...

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De Armond Starfire Custom Guild
( De Armond Starfire )

De Armond Starfire Custom Guild                                                        Serial number: KC 9094018...

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Dooge Rat Rod Bass
( Dooge Rat Rod Bass )

This Dooge Bass is designed and hand built in Newcastle by Ian Dugini of Rat Rod Relic Guitars and Basses He has given this Bass an alternative Strat style body shape , finished it with pistachio green and reliced it ,to give it a driftwood feel. A totally unique Bass. If you want a Guitar,Bass or cigar box guitar made to your own...

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Dooge Rat Rod Guitar
( Dooge Rat Rod Guitar )

These Dooge Guitars are  designed and hand built in Newcastle by Ian Dugini of Rat Rod Relic Guitars and Basses He has given this Guitar an alternative Telecaster look , finished it with beach hut green and reliced it ,to give it a driftwood feel. A totally unique Guitar. If you want a Guitar made to your own specifications ring Ian on 07563720897 ...

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Eko P2
( Eko P2 )

This Eko P2 was made in Italy in the 1960's.It's beautiful high gloss Laquer has 2 surface cracks in the front,but this is standard for old Eko's ( the kind of laquer they used doesnt deal well with with changes of temperature).The cracks are only visible on close inspection ,are meerly cosmetic and are unlikely to get any worse.It has a gorgeous warm tone,and is faithfully...

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Elderwood Reba
( Elderwood Reba )

This Reba Elderwood has a body shape like a Les Paul Junior and with it's distressed, green paint work and totoiseshell scratch plate, it looks fantastic. It's P90 pick up gives it a warm bluesy tone and you can push  up your volume in the blink of an eye with the booster switch if you need to mid song.                    ...

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Epiphone Dot
( Epiphone dot )

The Epiphone Dot ,Semi-acoustic is based on the the Gibson ES-335 ,an is an absolute classic of a guitar! The warmth and depth of its dual humbuckers is enhanced by the natural acoustics of its semi hollow laminate Maple body and the tone produced is rich and luminous.  It intonation and tuning holds beautifully ,due to  the quality of the tuning pegs and the...

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Epiphone Thunderbird Bass
( Epiphone Thunderbird )

The Epiphone Thunderbird Bass was first made in the Kalmazoo factory by Gibson in 1963 ,designed by the automotive designer Ray Dietrich.And its iconic body shape and headstock, giving the dynamic look of a hawk in flight,has remained the same to the present day. s/n-U06120031 This IV Thunderbird was made in the Unsung factory in Korea in 2006. Specifications:...

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Fender Acoustic Dreadnought cutaway CD -60 CE BK
( Fender Acoustic CD60 )

This Fender CD-60 CE BK is a great guitar from Fender's budget range .It has laminate Spruce top and laminate Mahogany back and sides ,soild mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard and it produces a well balanced tone with a good level of warmth and projection.Its cut away body shape helps you reach those top notes and is comfortable to play.          ...

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Fender Stratocaster Mexican with Lace Sensor pick ups
( Fender strat Mex Lac )

This classic sunburst Mexican 2017 Fender Stratocaster has been upgraded with some noiseless, Fender Lace Sensor pickups, giving you a luminous clear,clean tone, with no hum.                                   Serial number:MX17946109                     ...

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Gio Ibanez Bass GSR180
( Gio Ibanez Bass )

Gio Ibanez Bass Guitar. GSR180 This is a very versatile bass.Its Nato body,maple neck`and rosewood fingerboard give a great range of well balanced tones with a brightness and warmth to suit any style of playing.The master tone control can give you anything from warm jazz tones to blasting rock bass. serial number I140907598 Specifications: 2...

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Godin SD
( Godin SD )

Godin SD. This Sunshine yellow Godin with it's pearloid scratch plate is, so good to look at, it's cheerful disposition cannot fail to make you smile.!                                                                  ...

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Gretsch Electromatic
( GretschElectromaticR )

Gretsch Electromatic.                                                                          Serial number:CYG15030355

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Guild -CO-1
( Guild CD-1 )

Guild CO-1 .This Guild is a really special Guitar with solid Western Red Cedar top and solid Mahogany back and sides it has a gorgeous, deep, resonant tone. It's Orchestra shape ,the rich tones of the cedar and Mahogany against the Cream binding,make it very pleasing to the eye and it feels lovely and comfortable to play.             Itwas a...

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Hofner Senator Bass
( Hofner Senator Bass )

This Hofner Senator Archtop Bass,was made in 60’s in Germany. It was the Bass of choice for many players on the circuit in the Garage bands of the mid 60’s. Its hollow body ,single cutaway and short scale neck,made it very comfortable  and light weight to play .The original pick up had such a low output volume that we had to replace it with a replica bass...

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Ibanez AFJ957-VSB 7 String Jazz Guitar
( Ibanez AFJ957-VSB )

Ibanez has produced a fantastic Jazz 7 string Archtop in the AFJ957, which is beautifully crafted and excellent quality, yet affordable, (most 7 strings are over £2000)!                                                          ...

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Ibanez Bass GRS180
( Ibanez BassGRS180SB )

Ibanez Bass GRS180  -Sunburst                                                                             This is a very versatile bass.Its Nato body,maple neck`and rosewood fingerboard give a...

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Ibanez Pat Metheny PM120
( Ibnez Pat Metheny )

This Stunning Ibanez Semi acoustic PM120,was made to the specifications of Jazz great ,Pat Metheny .It's body is made entirely of solid Maple sculpted into the beautiful swells and curves of the hollow body double cut away shape,all outlined by delicate binding  . It has the most amazing liquid ,luminous tone which is enhanced by the warmth of the double humbucker pickups....

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Italia Mondial
( Italia Mondial )

This incredible,stylish Mondial,Italia is a very unusual guitar. It has 2 mono outputs enabling the guitar to make an acoustic and an electric sound simultaneously. Unique tones abound,courtesy of the special design 'Acousti-Glas' top and Italia Piezo jazz-style bridge,which combine with the Wilkinson double coils to create an incredibly versatile instrument on stage or in the...

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Kala KA UTAR Guitarlele
( Kala Guitarlele )

Kala "U-Tar" -Rare Baritone Scale Guitarlele....

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Lambert telecaster
( Lambert Tele )

This Lambert Telecaster   has been hand crafted by British maker Trevor Enderby of Lambert Guitars,based in Great Lumley.                             The Thinline, semi hollowbody,Telecaster has been exquisitely made with a Cherry back and Walnut front ,with musical note sound holes.The neck was hand...

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Lapsteel Jagard
( Lapsteel Jagard )

 Jagard Lapsteel. Formerly owned by a member of Maximo Park, its sparkling deep blue paintwork and languid ,liquid tone make it a  special little instrument.                                                      ...

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Left Handed Tanglewood Bass Guitar Warrior II
( Left hand Tanglewood )

Reduced  from £160  to £130.                                                  Tanglewood Left Handed Bass Guitar-Warrior II Specifications: Dark natural finish. 2 EMC Electronics Pick ups. 2 Volume controls. 1...

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OPL Bass Ernie Ball
( OPL Bass Ernie Ball )

OLP Ernie Ball, This Bass is a budget version of the Music Man, Sting Ray style Bass. Serial number :60970575 Specifications: :Body: Bass wood. :Neck:Maple. :Fingerboard:Rosewood. :Frets:21 :Pick up:OLP humbucker. :Controls:1volume,1tone knob. If you buy this Bass direct from the shop rather than online,you get...

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Rally Jazz semi-acosutic
( Rally Jazz Semi-acou )

Rally, Semi Acoustic Jazz. This is a beautifully made Guitar with abalone pearl inlays in the the fingerboard,bridge and headstock.It's humbucker pickups and deep hollow body give it a gorgeous liquid , luminous tone....

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Revalation RJT60TL
( Revalation RJT60TL )

Revaltion is a brand that we are coming to respect greatly as we encounter their guitars.Designed by Alan Entwhistle they are often inspired by the designs of vintage guitars and always have a lucious,classic look and are made exceptionally well.                        This semi acoustic RJT60TL ,with it's...

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Simon and Patrick Woodland CW mini jumbo GTA3.2
( Simon and Patrick )

Simon and Patrick,Woodland CW Mini Jumbo GTA3.2 .                Model number 29235                                                                            ...

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Takeharu G85
( Takeharu G85 )

 This Takeharu G85 was made in Japan in 1977 by the Suzuki Violin Company .It was named after the Japanese guitar player and composer Yamamoto Takeharu, who was greatly responsible for the rise of popularity of the Guitar in Japan.                                            ...

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Tanglewood Rebel 5K -5 string
( Tanglewood Rebel 5K )

Tanglewood Rebel 5K, 5 string Bass. This small bodied bass ,is really comfortable to play, neat and light and easy on the shoulders ,allowing you to move about while you perform, if you so fancy. It has 1 jazz bass style pick up and 1 P-bass style pick up,making it extreemly versatile in the range of tones it can produce. In good condition....

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Tanglewood Parlour TGRPVSE
( Tanglewood TGRPVSE )

This Tanglewood Parlour Rosewood Grand Reserve electro acoustic is very comfortable to play due to it's small body.Its deep sunburst finish and herringbone binding make it very pleasing to the eye and its Rosewood back and sides and solis spruce top give it great depth and resonanace in the bass notes and a bright ,crystal clarity in the treble notes.  ...

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( Tatra )

This Tatra is a lovely classical guitar made in the 60’s in Czechoslovakia.

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Tokai SG
( Tokai SG )

Tokai SG. This is a great guitar,Chinese made but a fantastic player with great mischevious, squalling tone! Specifications: Body:Mahogany Neck:Maple-set Neck. Fingerboard: Rosewood.

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Silvertone Soprano Ukulele
( Uke Silvertone Sop )

Silvertone Soprano Ukulele  This stunning Vintage,1940’s Silvertone Ukulele ,was restored by renowned Luthier Kevin Parsons. These Ukes we’re sold by Sears and Roebuck in America in the 40’s, most Ukes made by the same company were branded Harmony from the 50’s onwards. All crafted in solid Mahogany, with beautiful 1940’s tuning...

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Ukulele Aloha 1920’s
( Ukelele Aloha )

Aloha Soprano Ukulele  This is a super rare ,much sought after,Aloha Ukulele made in Hawaii in the 1920’s. As the craze for a Ukes swept America,many American companies sprang up making Ukuleles and a lot of them pretended to be Hawaiian . The Hawaiian Uke making fraternity were incensed and it was made law that all Hawaii made Ukuleles had to have...

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Zenta -late 60's Japanese.
( Zenta )

This Japanese late 60's Zenta is a lovely beast.                                   With it's classic Telecaster shape ,but slimline body, it has a fantastic vintage 60's twang. Specifications:...

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