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Second Hand Instruments

Curvy Sounds is now Open !

We are Open from Tuesday to Saturday 10am-3pm. 

If you cant make those hours email  us at curvysounds@yahoo.com or ring us on 0191 4474342 , and we will make an appointment to open up earlier or later for you.

We buy and sell second hand instruments. We aim to keep broken guitars out of landfill,so we fix and restore them and make them play better than ever.


We offer a lovely range of second hand guitars, all of which have unique characters and stories and each sounds and feels so different. All of them are given a Curvy Sounds service when they arrive,so they are fixed and set up to play like a dream.

If you can, come in and test them out,see what suits you!

If you are from further afield and can't come to the shop,but are interested in a second hand guitar,email us at curvysounds@yahoo.com and we will give you an in depth, description of the instrument .



Second Hand Instruments

( Bandurria )

Reduced from £186 to £160.   The Bandurria  or Spanish Mandolin is a musical instrument which crosses a Mandolin with a Guitar.Small and tear dropped in shape- it has six double strings and so is accessible both to Mandolin and Guitar players Beautifully, hand crafted ,in Spain. It gives an Iberian flavour to your music!

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( Bandurria )

Reduced from £186 to £160.   The Bandurria  or Spanish Mandolin is a musical instrument which crosses a Mandolin with a Guitar.Small and tear dropped in shape- it has six double strings and so is accessible both to Mandolin and Guitar players Beautifully, hand crafted ,in Spain. It gives an Iberian flavour to your music!

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Classic Les Paul Style Electric Guitar
( Classic Les Paul sty )

This Les Paul copy "Classic" branded guitar is a well put together instrument. With the traditional weighty chunk of a real Les Paul, it plays nicely with a broad ,smooth sound produced by the double humbuckers, which can be varied with the 2 tone and 2 volume control knobs,and a 3 way switch .  

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Cort 5 string Bass
( Cort 5string Bass )

Cort 5 String Bass. GB35 Tuned to a low B-great sub base frequencies .Stonking Fat Sound! Well balanced to hold and it's Curvy sounds set up, with low action makes it really easy to play. Made in Indonesia Serial number: 021114215 Body:Agathis Neck :Canadian Maple  Fretboard:Rosewood  Frets:22 Sclae :34" Inlay:...

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D’Angelico EXS-1
( D’Angelico EXS-1 )

This beautiful D’Angelico EXS-1 ,is an iconic, stunning design made by John D’Angelico and faithfully reproduced over the years.With its ornate headstock and stepped,art deco style tailpiece,truss rod plate, machine heads and scratch plate,it is a magestic guitar to behold.Its 3”deep hollow body,gives it a rich ,luscious tone and it is a joy to play....

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Dan Armstrong 'London' Bass
( Dan Armstrong 'LBass )

Dan Armstrong the renowned maker of pickups in the 60's,designed this Bass,as the twin to the Guitar, at peak of his Career,with the revolutionary feature of a single   Sliding pick up  that you can position anywhere you want between bridge and neck.We think this Bass was made in 1974 .It has been restored by the meticulous Luthier 'Kevin...

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Dobro Acoustic Guitar
( Dobro Guitar )

This Dobro Resonator was restored and refinished by renowned Luthier Kevin Parsons.It has been made in the early style of Dobro guitars when the Dobro company got going again in California.So we think it was made in 1971. The three holes in the middle of the guitar ,allow a Luthier to access the neck screws and adjust the neck tilt.

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Dooge Rat Rod Guitar
( Dooge Rat Rod Guitar )

These Dooge Guitars are  designed and hand built in Newcastle by Ian Dugini of Rat Rod Relic Guitars and Basses He has given this Guitar an alternative Telecaster look , finished it with beach hut green and reliced it ,to give it a driftwood feel. A totally unique Guitar. If you want a Guitar made to your own specifications ring Ian on 07563720897 ...

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Eastwood Moonsault
( Eastwood Moonsault )

This Eastwood Moonsault was made in homage to the original Kawai Moonsault which was made from 1982 until the 90's.These Guitars are now worth £1500-2500.The Eastwood is an affordable version which faithfully replicates the Kawai lunar aesthetic. It's crescent shaped body ,and silver black burst finish ,shine like the moon and the inlays on the neck move through all the...

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Fanndec 12 string electric guitar
( Fanndec 12 string )

 Fanndec 12 string electric Guitar. This sunburst Les Paul shaped electric 12 string Guitar feels great to play! It has been set up with a lovely low action and has a gorgeous, glimmering tone. Its ornate,scrolling, floral inlay up the neck gives it a sumptuous look and it's two pick ups ,with 3 way switch and 2 tone and 2 volume control knobs, give it a expansive...

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Fender Mustang Japanese
( Fender Mustang Japan )

This Fender Mustang was crafted in Japan between 2004-2005. A reissue of the Fender Mustang '69,it stays faithful to the vintage 69 model with the same contoured offset body shape,7.25 radius rosewood fingerboard and 2 single coil pickups .It's antique white paintwork and tortoiseshell faux scratch plate compliment the offset body shape,making it a truly lush guitar to...

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Fender Stratocaster American 1991
( Fender Strat 1991 )

This Fender Stratocaster was made in America in 1991. It is an absolute classic, Standard Stratocaster ,in black  with 3 single pickups ,a 5 way switch, 1 volume control and two tone controls. It has a few scratches and marks, attesting to a full life since the 90's, butwith a Curvy sounds set up it plays beautifully, with a lovely low action and that Classic Strat Tone....

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Fender Telecaster Cabronita Telebration 60th Anniversary
( FendercabTelebration )

Telebration 60th Anniversary limited edition Cabronita Telecaster with TV Jones pick ups. This Classic Cabronita Telecaster was made in 2011 to celebrate the 60 year anniversary of the birth of the Tele, launced back in 1949 as the Broadcaster.The Telecaster has proved to be such a versatile guitar that it can adapt to any style that you throw at it, and appeals to the taste of...

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Godin SD
( Godin SD )

Godin SD. This Sunshine yellow Godin with it's pearloid scratch plate is, so good to look at, it's cheerful disposition cannot fail to make you smile.!                                                                  ...

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Guild D25CH
( Guild D25CH )

Guild D25CH

Serial number 72434

Made in 1972.

Mahogany top.

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Ibanez TQMI
( Ibanez TQM1 )

This Ibanez TQM1 has been made to the specifications of renowned Guitarist Tom Quayle. He says about this guitar "This is a guitar that feels exactly like a boutique superstrat in every way. It has modern, unique hardware and all the ergonomic design language that modern guitar players demand from their workhorse instrument." Specifications:Top :Monkey pod wood...

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Kala KA UTAR Guitarlele
( Kala Guitarlele )

Kala "U-Tar" -Rare Baritone Scale Guitarlele.       Reduced from £300 to £250                                                        The Baritone Ukulele neck and extra width at the nut make the...

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Kala electric UBass SUB4FS
( Kala UBass )

This Kala electric,solid body Ubass is a fabulous little instrument, guaranteed to give some serious bass clout to any Uke performance. It's fat ,soft strings are truly satisfying to play, and plugged in it produces a lush warm,deep tone. Specifations: :Body:Poplar. :Bridge: Rosewood. :Scale:533mm :Overall Length:720mm

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Kevin Parsons Japanese LP
( Kevin Parsons Jap LP )

This Guitar has been created by renowned Luthier, Kevin Parsons of the 'Burke and Hare Guitar Company'. He took  a 1970's Japanese Les Paul Body,hollowed it out and reshaped the body  to make it lighter,and made a new neck and fingerboard. He took the Flame Veneer off the body to reveal the solid Maple underneath and finished it with a clear...

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kevin Parsons Rickenbacker Metal finish
( Kevin Parsons Ric )

The make or Origin of the body is a mystery, (probably a Rickenbacker copy) ,but it looks like it's been blasted out of space on the back of a metorite! It still has the scorch marks and a searing sound to match! It was found on the internet by the superb Luthier Kevin Parsons,who has given it a new neck ,a humbucker Bartolini neck pick up and a Seymour Duncan Tele bridge pick...

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Rally Jazz semi-acosutic
( Rally Jazz Semi-acou )

Rally, Semi Acoustic Jazz. This is a beautifully made Guitar with abalone pearl inlays in the the fingerboard,bridge and headstock.It's humbucker pickups and deep hollow body give it a gorgeous liquid , luminous tone....

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Samick Tele
( Samick )

Samick Telecaster- Custom pro shop Valley Art Guitar.                       This Samick is a lovely guitar to play and it's 4 way switch gives it a great range of tones-the 4th setting puts the two single pickups in sequence turning them into a humbucker giving them  a deep,full, jazz like tone.   ...

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SDGR 5 String Bass Guitar SR305
( SDX 5 String Bass )

SDGR 5 String Bass  SR305. The SR305 has a 5 piece striped Maple and Rosewood Neck,with a light Agathis body and deep cutaway to get to those bottom frets. Specifications: :Neck: 5 piece SR5 Maple/Rosewood . :Body: Agathis. :Bridge:B105 :Pick ups: EXF-5 neck,EXF-5 Bridge :Style Sweeper EQ

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Seagull S6 Left handed
( Seagull S6 left hand )

Seagull guitars are handed crafted in the Village Patrie in Quebec.Robert Godwin the Founder of Seagull guitars is an absolute perfectionist.Every S6 is pressure tested for rigidity and stiffness to give it maximum harmonic vibration and the compound curved top allows for thinner bracing.The integrated set neck,gives it stable and consistent action and reduces any chance of warping or...

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( Sitar )

This Sitar has a single toomba/ gourd design ,as with all traditional Gandar/Pancham Sitars.It is a middle range Sitar,but this one is extra ornate with beautiful scrolling carved, floral design on the front of the gourd.  It has 12 taraf pegs for sympathetic string tuning, and 7 swirl design pegs for main string tuning. The inlays are simulated mother of pearl and the bridges...

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Starway Teisco 60's Guitar
( Starway Teisco )

This Starway TEISCO was made in Japan in the 60's.It is a hugely characterful guitar,with its massive headstock, giant cream pick up switches and 60’s witches hat volume & tone controls. With a Curvy Sounds set up, it now plays better than it ever did in the 60’s and it sounds sublime! If you buy this guitar in the shop,you get £15 off as we don't...

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Steinberger Spirit
( Steinberger Spirit )

Steinberger have created the Spirit GT-Pro ,as an affordable version of their high end GL series.The Steinberger pick ups give it a squalling,powerful sound ,with the locking R-trem system allowing you to you to pitch shift as wildly as you want.The Maple body and neck give it a ballistic,bright,clear tone . It's headstockless neck and compact body make it a great travel...

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Takeharu G85
( Takeharu G85 )

 This Takeharu G85 was made in Japan in 1977 by the Suzuki Violin Company .It was named after the Japanese guitar player and composer Yamamoto Takeharu, who was greatly responsible for the rise of popularity of the Guitar in Japan.                                            ...

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Tanglewood Rebel 5K -5 string
( Tanglewood Rebel 5K )

Tanglewood Rebel 5K, 5 string Bass. This small bodied bass ,is really comfortable to play, neat and light and easy on the shoulders ,allowing you to move about while you perform, if you so fancy. It has 1 jazz bass style pick up and 1 P-bass style pick up,making it extreemly versatile in the range of tones it can produce. In good condition....

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TEISCO 60's Bass
( TEISCO 60's Bass )

This TEISCO Bass was made in Japan in the 60's .It has a Precission bass feel and sound with an added 60's twang.

It's seen a lot of action ,and could tell you a story with all it's dents and scuffs,but with a Curvy Sounds set up, it has an easy, low action and plays like butter!

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( Tiple )

This Tiple is a Columbian instrument.It is strung with 4 sets of 3 course strings and has an incredible glimmering tone. It is tuned like a tenor Guitar. If your looking for something to give you a new sound ,with a little Latin flavour this could be the instrument for you .

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Tokai SG
( Tokai SG )

Tokai SG. This is a great guitar,Chinese made but a fantastic player with great mischevious, squalling tone! Specifications: Body:Mahogany Neck:Maple-set Neck. Fingerboard: Rosewood.

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Silvertone Soprano Ukulele
( Uke Silvertone Sop )

Silvertone Soprano Ukulele  This stunning Vintage,1940’s Silvertone Ukulele ,was restored by renowned Luthier Kevin Parsons. These Ukes we’re sold by Sears and Roebuck in America in the 40’s, most Ukes made by the same company were branded Harmony from the 50’s onwards. All crafted in solid Mahogany, with beautiful 1940’s tuning...

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Ukulele Aloha 1920’s
( Ukelele Aloha )

Aloha Soprano Ukulele  This is a super rare ,much sought after,Aloha Ukulele made in Hawaii in the 1920’s. As the craze for a Ukes swept America,many American companies sprang up making Ukuleles and a lot of them pretended to be Hawaiian . The Hawaiian Uke making fraternity were incensed and it was made law that all Hawaii made Ukuleles had to have...

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Wilson Semi acoustic
( Wilson Semi acoustic )

This Wilson Semi Acoustic was made in Britain in 1969, and plays with a fantastic 60's twang.All original parts. Specifications :Controls : 2 tone knobs and 1 master volume...

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Zenta SG
( Zenta SG )

This wicked looking Zenta SG was made in Japan in 1969 and is in near mint condition.It looks like it has never been played, but with a Curvy Sounds set up, it handles beautifully. The gold foil pick up sounds incredible and has has such a wide magnetic field that you can vary the tone depending on where you play with your right hand, brighter as you play by the bridge and warmer as...

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