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Second Hand Instruments

We apologise, but we are closed until 11th of January. This is due to a late start for school due to Covid protocol and Andrew's ill health.

You can buy from us online on our website .If there is anything you require and it is not on the website, contact us curvysounds@yahoo.com or through the website or ring me on 07725524928.

 If  you were scheduled to bring in repairs this week please bring them in next week.If you can bring them in on the same day of the week that you were booked in for this week that would be very helpful.We will be open 10am -5.30 Tuesday to Saturday.

If you have any enquires you can get in touch by email curvysounds@yahoo.com or through the website or ring me on 07725524928.

We buy and sell second hand instruments. We aim to keep broken guitars out of landfill,so we fix and restore them and make them play better than ever.

We offer a lovely range of second hand guitars, all of which have unique characters and stories and each sounds and feels so different. All of them are given a Curvy Sounds service when they arrive,so they are fixed and set up to play like a dream.

If you can, come in and test them out,see what suits you!

If you are from further afield and can't come to the shop,but are interested in a second hand guitar,email us at curvysounds@yahoo.com and we will give you an in depth, description of the instrument .



Second Hand Instruments

Ashbury A Style Bluegrass Mandolin
( AshburyAStylebluegra )

This Ashbury A style Bluegrass Mandolin is a beautifully made,  high end, Mandolin.It feels amazing to play and its solid spruce top and solid curly Maple back and sides give it a gorgeous rich ,resonant tone. It has a 1 piece curly Maple Neck with an ivoroid bound ebony finger board, a bone nut and an ebony bridge. Comes with a hard case. Specifications:...

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BC Rich Mockingbird NJ Neck Thru Series
( BCRichMockingbirdNJ )

This BC Rich Mockingbird NJ Neck thru series is a classic heavyrock/metaller guitar,and with its devillish red finish over a flame maple, striped body it certainly looks the part .The BC rich BSDM double humbuckers ,really kickass and with its floyd rose trem system, this guitar can really howl!   Made in Korea ,with the serial number...

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Brian Dixon Bass Guitar
( Brian Dixon BassGuit )

This Bass guitar was beautifully crafted by local Luthier Brian Dixon.He has used red Mahogany for the body,which is offset by a pale Maple scratch plate.The neck is Maple and the Fingerboard Rosewood.The precision bass pick, gives it a lush, deep, fat sound. It is a one off, a totally unique instrument and its natural finish allows the different coloured timbers...

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Arizona Cigar Box Guitar
( CigarBoxGuitaArizona )

This Cigar Box Nation Guitar, is fronted with an Arizona number plate. With a freted neck and 3 strings, the Cigar box Guitar was born in the depression era in America, where people made their own instruments from what they had to hand, and got together on therir porches to play the blues! Its a great instrument to learn and to have fun on and perfect if your looking...

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Cigar Box Guitar Route 66
( CigarBoxGuitaRoute66 )

This Route 66 Cigar Box Guitar is made by ' Cigar Box Nation' . With a freted neck and 3 strings, the Cigar box Guitar was born in the depression era in America, where people made their own instruments from what they had to hand, and got together on therir porches to play the blues! Its a great instrument to learn and to have fun on and perfect if...

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Cigar Box Guitar-Monte Christo
( CigarBoxMonteChristo )

This is a Monte Christo Cigar Box Guitar, from Cigar Box Nation. With a freted neck and 3 strings, the Cigar box Guitar was born in the depression era in America, where people made their own instruments from what they had to hand, and got together on therir porches to play the blues! Its a great instrument to learn and to have fun on and perfect if your looking for...

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Winged Skull on a Harley- Electro Acoustic Cigar Box Guitar
( CigarBoxWinged Skull )

This Cigar Box Nation Guitar, is fronted with a fearsome Winged skull on a Harley and comes complete with pick up ,so you can plug it in and rock out!



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Cort 5 string Bass
( Cort 5string Bass )

Reduced in the February Sale from £259 to £200. Cort 5 String Bass. GB35 Tuned to a low B-great sub base frequencies .Stonking Fat Sound! Well balanced to hold and it's Curvy sounds set up, with low action makes it really easy to play. Made in Indonesia Serial number: 021114215 Body:Agathis Neck :Canadian Maple ...

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Danelectro 56
( Danelectro 56 Aqua )

This Danelectro 56 Reissue was made in 1997. It's Aquaburst finish gives it a fantastic icy,otherworldly, luminous quality- quite simply one of the most unique and funky Dano's we've had in the shop! Classic Dano 60's tone-a seriously cool guitar and a joy to play,light on the shoulders with a Curvy Sounds lovely low action on the neck. Specifications:...

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Double Bass- Electric upright hand crafted by Brian Dixon
( Double Bass Electric )

This Electric upright Double bass was designed and handcrafted by local Luthier Brian Dixon. It's side arm is designed to keep the instrument balanced and in place as you play, but it also unscrews making this bass easily portable and allows it to take up very little room in your home.  It is made with a Sycamore neck,Ash body, Maple bridge and Mahogany...

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Epiphone SG
( Epiphone SG )

This Epiphone SG , is an total classic,and with it's heavy duty Bigsby Trem, Dual humbucker pickups, 3 way switch and double tone and volume controls, its got a huge range of textures and tones that you can pull out of it, to create an absolute Riot! Whatsmore its Cherry red satin finish (which allows the grain to show through) set against the black scratch...

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Epiphone SG Bass
( Epiphone SG Bass )

Epiphone SG Bass ,Cherry Red

Made in Korea in 2012

Serial number:1204210959



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Epiphone Special II ES-175 VS Semi Acoustic
( Epiphone Special II )

This Epiphone Special II ES-175 VS was formerly owned by Paul Smith of Maximo Park,and he has offered to sign it, for a little extra ,if a Maximo fan is interested.This would undoubtedly raise the long term value of the guitar! Paul bought the guitar while on tour abroad,it was damaged .with a crack in the body at the bridge,but had been repaired.Andrew from Curvy Sounds has also...

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Eros Dakota 606
( Eros Dakota 606 )

Eros Guitars were made in Italy by the Fuselli brothers, who formed their luthier business" the Fratelli Fuselli Company" in the mid 60's.Eros Guitars are so similar in their style and build to the 60's Eko Rangers,that many believe that the Fuselli brothers worked for Eko until a terrrible fire wiped out the Eko factory in 1966.After this the Fuselli brothers set up on...

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Fender Acoustic Sonoran SCE Electro Acoustic
( Fender Sonoran SCE )

This Fender Sonoran SCE is a handsome dreadnought cutaway in Candy Apple Red.With a solid Spruce top and Laminate Mahogany back and sides it has excellent projection of volume and a lush, rich tone.The C Shaped neck makes it comfortable to play and the cut away allows you to reach those chords at the bottom of the neck. The Fishman pick up gives it a lovely, warm, resonant tone...

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Fender Jaguar Bass Jab-EQ Japanese
( FenderJaguarBassJap )

This Fender Jaguar Bass was made in Japan between 2007 and 2010.It is incredibly versatile bass which combines the virtues of both a Jazz and a Precision. The middle pick up is a precision style V split Single coil and the bridge pick up is a noiseless Jazz single coil.Whatsmore the switch on the left horn shifts the guitar from an active to a passive...

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Fender ClassicPlayer Jazzmaster Mexican 2009
( FenderMexjazzmaster )

This Mexican Fender Jazzmaster is an absolute Classic.It was made in  Mexico in 2009,and has been played hard ,so it has a few dents and scratches, but it still looks fantastic with it's Tobacco sunburst finish, and faux tortoiseshell scratch plate.zzmaster It has 2 Special Design Hot Jazzmaster Pickups controlled with a 3 way switch and volume and tone control.It also...

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Framus Capri 5/53 Archtop
( Framus Capri 5/53 ar )

This Framus Capri 5/53 Archtop dates from 1958 and is an absolute beauty of a Guitar. It has been restored by the talented Local Luthier Kieth Stephen, who fixed and refinished the headstock and gave it a new Nut.These earlier models of Capri 5/53 had a non adjustable truss Rod, but the neck is good and straight and it plays like a dream. Specifications: Body:...

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Godin SD
( Godin SD )

Godin SD. This Sunshine yellow Godin with it's pearloid scratch plate is, so good to look at, it's cheerful disposition cannot fail to make you smile.!         It was bought in Canada 17 years ago in 2002.                                          ...

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Ibanez Fanned Fret AELFF10-NT120
( Ibanez AELFF10-NT120 )

Ibanez bought this innovatively designed Fan Fret out in 2016 . The point of a Fan Fret (other than looking fabulous) is that it gives equal string tension throughout the guitar, better comfort on large chords and a tighter response on the lower strings.This is becuase with a Fan Fret the lower strings have a longer scale length than the higher strings.This longer scale length increases...

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Ibanez Jet King
( Ibanez Jet King )

 This is the first version of the Jet King III ,introduced by Ibanez in 2008,in homage to the "pawnshop" copies made by Ibanez in the 1960's .It has since been discontinued and is becoming  very collectable and sought after now.  It's split pick guards , offset shape  and "Red Bean" finish, give it a super cool , retro...

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Ibanez TQMI
( Ibanez TQM1 )

This Guitar has been reduced from £1799 to £1600. This Ibanez TQM1 has been made to the specifications of renowned Guitarist Tom Quayle.Tom Quayle is a Fusion Guitartist of extreeme technical talent,known for his Legato technique creating a sound that is smooth and flowing,hammering and pulling off his fingers rather than picking. He says about this guitar...

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Italia Maranello Classic MKII
( ItaMaranelloClasMKII )

This groovey Italia Maranello Classic MKII was designed in collaberation with the world renowned guitar designer Trev Wilkinson. The design was inspired by an early 60’s Hagström model.It's liquid reso-glass pickgaurd, seems to flow round the controls in a classic 60's space age style ,enfolding the jack socket in a way that is both aesthetically...

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Keech Banjolele
( Keech Banjolele )

Keech Banjolele (as played by Marilyn Monroe in 'Some Like it Hot'). There is debate as to whether Alvin Keech invented Banjoleles ( it was officially patented by someone else),but he is reputed to have coined the phrase Banjolele (or Banjulele) and he is certainly responsible for its popularity.   He and his brother Kelvin moved from Hawiai to San Francisco in...

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Lapsteel Kevin Parsons
( Lapsteel KevinParson )

This Telecaster style Lapsteel was hand crafted by renowned local Luthier Kevin Parsons. Kevin has made instruments for Pete Towsend, Ronnie Wood and Danny Harrison and has  acheived international appreciation of his work.He is now retired but makes and restores instruments for his own amusement, that he sells through Curvy Sounds. The body of this instrument was...

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Raimundo 130
( Raimundo 130 )

Raimundo always make beautiful, high quality Spanish Classical guitars and this is no exception.This Raimundo 130 is made with a Solid Cedar top and Solid Rosewood sides and has a beautiful clean, pure sweet tone with an excellent level of volume. You get £20 off if you buy direct in the shop as e don't have to contend with paypal fees.   Specifications:...

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Reverend Airsonic
( Reverend AirsonicW )

Reverend Guitars was founded by the innovative Luthier and Amplifier maker Joe Naylor in 1997. He designed this futuristic looking Reverned Airsonic as hybrid between a solid body and a semi acoustic.The raised central block of the guitar lends the guitar the density of sound of a solid body , while the thin wings and thru- body- f-holes as Naylor...

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Richwood RW 830NT Mandolin
( Richwood Mandolin )

Richwood Mandolin RW 830NT This is a excellent, beginners Mandolin. It has a Spruce Laminate top  and Rosewood Fingerboard, with moveable bridge and has a lovely bright tone. With a Curvy Sounds set up it plays beautifully.

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Schecter diamond series PT Fastback
( Schecter PT fastback )

Schecter Diamond series PT Fastback. This guitar has been gigged hard and has some dinks and marks, but it plays like a Demon . Specifications: Body Material:Mahogany.                       :Finish:Tobacco Burst....

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( Sitar )

This Sitar has a single toomba/ gourd design ,as with all traditional Gandar/Pancham Sitars.It is a middle range Sitar,but this one is extra ornate with beautiful scrolling carved, floral design on the front of the gourd.  It has 12 taraf pegs for sympathetic string tuning, and 7 swirl design pegs for main string tuning. The inlays are simulated mother of pearl and the bridges...

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Smith Mellowbar Guitar
( Smith Mellowbar )

This very Rare Smith Mellowbar Guitar was designed by Walt Smith in 1967  to be a lapsteel with a 45 degree neck ,so that could be played standing up like a Guitar.The first Mellowbars were made in the Mosrite Factory in Califorina.After Mosrite closed in the early 70's, some exMosrite makers set up the Rosac factory and made 300 Mellowbars for Walt Smith.This Mellowbar was made in...

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Spector Performer Bass Guitar
( Spector Bass Guitar )

Spector Performer Bass Guitar. Bling Sparkle Gold finish! It's Spector NS body shape makes it extreemly comfortable to play.It is a well made and versatile bass. Specifications: Emg-hz pick up. One piece Rock Maple set neck. Rosewood fingerboard. 1 volume control. 1 tone control.    

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Starway Teisco 60's Guitar
( Starway Teisco )

This Starway TEISCO was made in Japan in the 60's.It is a hugely characterful guitar,with its massive headstock, giant cream pick up switches and 60’s witches hat volume & tone controls. With a Curvy Sounds set up, it now plays better than it ever did in the 60’s and it sounds sublime! If you buy this guitar in the shop,you get £15 off as we don't...

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Starway with Striped Scratch plated
( StarwayTeiscoStriped )

This Starway TEISCO was made in Japan in the 60's. This is the Deluxe model of the Starway ,with it's gleaming chrome striped scratch plate. It is a hugely characterful guitar,with its massive headstock, giant pick up switches marked mic 1 & mic 2 and 60’s witches hat volume & tone controls.  It's fat ,heavy duty tremelo system, works...

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The Loar LH-250-SN
( The Loar LH-250-SN )

The Loar LH-250-SN This is an absolutely stunning Parlour guitar with a lovely gloss sunburst finish, outlined with  cream binding. The small body makes it really easy and comfortable to play.The solid Mahogany back and sides give it a lucious ,rich ,warm tone. Beautiful Guitar!   Brand The Loar...

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Tokai Les Paul Gibson copy
( Tokai Les Paul Gibso )

This Les Paul, may say Gibson on the headstock, but it is actually a Japanese made Tokai, Gibson copy. However, Japanese made Tokai guitars have earnt themselves a serious reputation, as being excellently made guitars, that rivalled the brands they copied.This Guitar is no exception!Come and give it a try and you will see what we mean! Specifications: Pick ups...

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Tokai SG
( Tokai SG )

Tokai SG. This is a great guitar,Chinese made but a fantastic player with great mischevious, squalling tone! Specifications: Body:Mahogany Neck:Maple-set Neck. Fingerboard: Rosewood.

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Ukulele -Tenor -Kieth Stephens
( Uke-Tenor KiethSteph )

This Unusual, Triangular shaped, Tenor Ukulele, was designed and hand crafted by, talented local Luthier, Kieth Stephens in 2020.  Kieth makes his instruments from reclaimed wood from old furniture. He often finds beautiful hardwoods, in table tops, drawers and banisters and uses these to make his instruments . The body of this Tenor is made...

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UkuleleMagic Fluke Flea M30 Tiki Surf Soprano
( UkuleleFlea TikiSurf )

This Magic Fluke, Flea ,Tiki ,Surf Soprano Ukulele  pays homage to the Hawaian roots of the Ukulele, with its distinctive tribal, screen printed top, designed by the artist Evelyn Drew known as  the 'Tiki King' in California . It is a limited edition Uke,with a plastic moulded bowl back with walnut neck and fingerboard, which...

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Ukulele- Tenor -Kieth Stephens
( UkuleleTenKiethCedar )

This Triangular, Tenor, Ukulele was designed and hand crafted by talented local Luthier Kieth Stephens.He made it of reclaimed wood from old furniture,saving precious hardwood from landfill. The  Cedar Top is made from an old board,the Hondurus Mahogany Back and sides, from old drawer fronts.The long scale, Mahogany neck, is made from a Banister.The Maple Veneer on...

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Washburn 12 string D42S12
( Washburn 12 string )

This Washburn 12 string is the most beautiful acoustic 12 string we have had in the shop to date.All the details on it are exquisitely designed and crafted ,the unusual geometric inlay ,the shape of the bridge and its high gloss finish all give it an arresting and stunning look. Its solid Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides give it a glimmering ,luminous tone and the quality...

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Westfield Violin Bass
( Westfield Violin Bas )

Westfield Violin Bass . Beautiful Quilted Maple front and back. Specifications: 2 mini humbucker pickups. 2 volume controls 1 switch for bass pickup. 1 switch for treble pickup. 1 switch from rhythm to solo setting.

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