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Second Hand Instruments

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We buy and sell second hand instruments.

We offer a lovely range of second hand guitars, all of which have unique characters and stories and each sounds and feels so different. All of them are given a Curvy Sounds service when they arrive,so they are fixed and set up to play like a dream.

If you can, come in and test them out,see what suits you!

If you are from further afield and can't come to the shop,but are interested in a second hand guitar,email us at curvysounds@yahoo.com and we will give you  an in depth, description of the instrument .



Second Hand Instruments

Aria A554 Black Label 1967
( Aria A554 BlackLabel )

Aria A554 Black label This rare, vintage, classical guitar was made in Japan in the late 60's in the Matsuoka factory.The Matsuoka factory was a family business led by chief Luthier Ryoji Matsuoka in Nagoya Japan ,who was later suceeded by his son. It was bought new in 1967 and has had one owner since then.It is very good condition ,apart from a few nail...

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Artisan Acoustic Bass AB80
( Artisan Acoustic Bas )

Artisan  Electro Acoustic Bass AB80. This bass has a lovely resonant tone when unplugged and sounds great through an Amp. Specifications: Mahogany back, sides & neck. Spruce Top. White binding to top ,back and neck. Adjustable truss Rod. Rosewood Fingerboard. Straight through bridge for easy restringing. Compensated Saddle....

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( Bandurrias )

The Bandurrias is a Portugese instrument .This beauty was made in spain.12 strings.Fantastic sound.

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( Bazouki )

Electro Acoustic Bazouki.

Celtic Star,designed in Germany.

Comes with Strap and Hard Case.

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Dooge Rat Rod Bass
( Dooge Rat Rod Bass )

This Dooge Bass is designed and hand built in Newcastle by Ian Dugini of Rat Rod Relic Guitars and Basses He has given this Bass an alternative Strat style body shape , finished it with pistachio green and reliced it ,to give it a driftwood feel. A totally unique Bass. If you want a Guitar,Bass or cigar box guitar made to your own...

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Dooge Rat Rod Guitar
( Dooge Rat Rod Guitar )

These Dooge Guitars are  designed and hand built in Newcastle by Ian Dugini of Rat Rod Relic Guitars and Basses He has given this Guitar an alternative Telecaster look , finished it with beach hut green and reliced it ,to give it a driftwood feel. A totally unique Guitar. If you want a Guitar made to your own specifications ring Ian on 07563720897 ...

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Epiphone Thunderbird Bass
( Epiphone Thunderbird )

The Epiphone Thunderbird Bass was first made in the Kalmazoo factory by Gibson in 1963 ,designed by the automotive designer Ray Dietrich.And its iconic body shape and headstock, giving the dynamic look of a hawk in flight,has remained the same to the present day. s/n-U06120031 This IV Thunderbird was made in the Unsung factory in Korea in 2006. Specifications:...

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Gibson Bass EB3
( Gibson Bass EB3 )

This Gibson Bass EB3 was made in America in 1971. It has been restored by renowned Luthier Kevin Parsons, he has replaced the old broken parts of the guitar with new high end parts. Specification: 2 Pickups-replaced with Allparts set-Bridge pickup mini humbucker,Neck pick up - Large Humbucker. Bridge replaced with Hipshot solid machined aluminium . 2...

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Gibson SG 2016
( Gibson SG 2016 )

Gibson SG

Made in 2016

Solid Mahogany body and Neck.

Comes with original Gibson case and Strap.

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Gio Ibanez Bass GSR180
( Gio Ibanez Bass )

Gio Ibanez Bass Guitar. GSR180 This is a very versatile bass.Its Nato body,maple neck`and rosewood fingerboard give a great range of well balanced tones with a brightness and warmth to suit any style of playing.The master tone control can give you anything from warm jazz tones to blasting rock bass. serial number I140907598 Specifications: 2...

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Guild Bass 1973
( Guild Bass 1973 )

 Guild Bass made in 1973. Restored by renowned Luthier Kevin Parsons, who replaced the dead pickups with new Bartalini pickups (worth £150 each),which gives the bass a great bright,sparkling,clear tone and great attack. Comes with hard case. Specification: 2 J1 Bartalini pickups 3 way switch. 1 volume control. 1 tone control.

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Hohner HS40 Semi acoustic
( Hohner HS40 semi aco )

Hohner HS40 Semi Acoustic Archtop guitar. Made in Germany. This guitar has a luminous ,deep, rich tone.And its been put together really well-beautifully made. Very good condition, a few minor scratches. Serial number:S97099697 Specifications: Sunburst  Finish . 2 Humbucker pickups. 2 tone control knobs. 2 volume control...

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Ibanez Geo GAX30
( IB GEO GAX30 )

White Ibanez Geo. .Model:GAX 30 .Serial no:1050314325 .2 pick ups .3 way switch .1 volume control .1 tone control Made in Indonesia .Slight dent in front,but otherwise in good condition.

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Italia Mondial
( Italia Mondial )

This incredible,stylish Mondial,Italia is a very unusual guitar. It has 2 mono outputs enabling the guitar to make an acoustic and an electric sound simultaneously. Unique tones abound,courtesy of the special design 'Acousti-Glas' top and Italia Piezo jazz-style bridge,which combine with the Wilkinson double coils to create an incredibly versatile instrument on stage or in the...

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( Kawai )

Kawai semi-acoustic made in Japan in the 60's. This is one of the finest specimens of Japanese guitars from this era that we have had in the shop,with Quilted Maple back and sides.It is extreemly rare ,we cannot find another online. It has been meticulously restored by Andrew from Curvy sounds and we totally love it! Specifications: Quilted Maple Back and sides....

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Lakewood M14
( Lakewood M14 )

Lakewood M14                                    serial number:358365 Made in 1990. Lakewoods are beautiful, high end guitars made in Giessen in Germany.As they say about themselves "We are driven to build instruments whose tone, aesthetics and finish meets the highest standards.To...

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Left Handed Tanglewood Bass Guitar Warrior II
( Left hand Tanglewood )

Tanglewood Left Handed Bass Guitar-Warrior II Specifications: Dark natural finish. 2 EMC Electronics Pick ups. 2 Volume controls. 1 Tone Control.

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Left Handed Chord Telecaster
( Left hand Tele Chord )

Left Handed Chord Telecaster Plays well- 2 scuffs on the bottom edge  and a few smal niks on the back but in good overall condition. Specifications: Pick ups: 2 Single coil  3 way Switch 1 Volume control 1 Tone control Finish: Butterscotch  

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Left handed Vintage Dreadnought Guitar
( Left Hand Vintage )

Left Handed Vintage VLH400BL This is an great quality Guitar with a solid Spruce top and a well rounded sound .It has a clear crisp top tones and an impressive depth in it's  bass notes. Specifications: Solid Spruce top. Mahogany back and sides. Eastern Mahogany neck. Rosewood fingerboard. Scale length: 642 mm  ...

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Peavey Telecaster
( Peavey Telecaster )

Peavey Telecaster.Black on Black.This Guitar has been modified with new Seymour Duncan pick ups and resprayed.  Serial number:03061022 Specifications: 2 Seymour Duncan Humbucker pick ups 1 single coil pick up. 5 way switch. Coil tap switch. Rosewood Fingerboard. Maple bolt on c neck. Alder body. Hard tail bridge with 6...

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Samik JTR Linda LN10
( Samik JTR LindaLN10 )

JTR Linda LN10 Samik The simple but elegant design of this guitar is so satisfying to look at and really sets off the rich tone of the wood. It feels great to hold and has a great bluesy, rock tone.  Specifications: Mahogany body with single cutaway. Mahogany bolt-on neck. JTR Hot open-coil humbucker pickup (bridge). Crystal steel master...

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Spector Performer Bass Guitar
( Spector Bass Guitar )

Spector Performer Bass Guitar. Bling Sparkle Gold finish! It's Spector NS body shape makes it extreemly comfortable to play.It is a well made and versatile bass. Specifications: Emg-hz pick up. One piece Rock Maple set neck. Rosewood fingerboard. 1 volume control. 1 tone control.    

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SX VTG series Bass
( SX Bass )

This SX VTG series bass is an excellent Starter Precision Bass or a good Work horse ,that isnt too precious to play in a rowdy pub. Specification: 1 volume control. 1 tone control. Maple Neck. Rosewood fingerboard. Ash body. Sunburst finish.    

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Takamine G series acoustic Bass E/A EG5120
( Takamine Bass EG5120 )

Takamine G series Acoustic Bass EG5120 Electro Acoustic. Specifications: Top: Solid Spruce. Back and Sides:Flame Maple . Neck: Mahogany. Fingerboard:Bound Rosewood with 16" radius. TK-40B preamp with tuner,3 band EQ & gain controls,mid-shift control,bass boost switch and EQ bypass switch- giving great versatilty and sound quality....

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Ukulele Tanglewood Union Series
( Ukulele Tanglewood )

Soprano Ukulele Tanglewood,Union Series,TU1 Specifications: Top,Back,Sides& Neck:Mahogany Fretboard & Bridge:Rosewood Saddle:ABS Ivory. Nut:ABS Ivory (34mm) Scale length: 345mm Machine heads: Open gear ,Black buttons Finish:Natural Satin 

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Warwick Courvette Rock Bass
( Warwick Courvette Ba )

Warwick Corvette Rock Bass Serial number - RBM53653914 ,Made in 2014. This Warick Bass is a real Beauty.The natural finish allows the quality of the wood to sing out and it feels gorgeous to hold. It has a Shortscale neck. It is as new an is in immaculuate condition. Specifications: Body: Ash. Neck: Bolt on Maple....

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Watkins Rapier
( Watkins Rapier )

Watkins Rapier 33.Designed by Reg Watkins in 1957 ,the Watkins brothers raced to make the first solid body electric Guitars in Britain for the UK market .They were beatedn by a week by the Dallas Tuxedo.But with Fenders exclusive and expensive and unavailable in Britain the Watkins Rapier became a key guitar to the  explosion of rock and Roll in Britain...

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