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Second Hand Instruments

We buy and sell Vintage and second hand instruments and sell on commission for customers. We aim to keep broken guitars out of landfill,so we fix and restore them and make them play better than ever.

We offer a lovely range of second hand and Vintage guitars, all of which have unique characters and stories and each sounds and feels so different. We try to give all of them are given a Curvy Sounds service when they arrive,so they are fixed and set up to play like a dream, we have been struggling a little to keep them all set up due to illness, so check with us if you want them set up before you buy.

If you can, come in and test them out,see what suits you!

If you are from further afield and can't come to the shop,but are interested in a second hand or Vintage guitar,email us at and we will give you an in depth, description of the instrument .



Second Hand Instruments

Alhambra Classical
( Alhambra Classical )

This Alhambra classical Guitar was made in Spain in 1973.

It has a beautiful warm, clear, balanced tone!

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Aria Pro II SLB 2Bass
( Aria Pro II BassSLB2 )

Reduced from £200 to £179 in the Curvy Sounds Winter Sale! This Aria Pro II Sub Bass 2 was made in Korea in the 1990's.  It is preowned and has some scratching and a chip on the side, but it would make an excellent work horse of a bass, that you don't need to be too precious with !

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Banjo- 6 String-Tanglewood TB24D LX-6
( Banjo6stringTanglewd )

This Tangle wood Union Series TB24D LX-6 is a excellent quality 6 string Banjo, a good Banjo for a Guitarist to play.

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Baritone Alvarez ABT60
( BaritoneAlvarezABT60 )

This Alvarez ABT60E is an Electro Acoustic Baritone 6 string Guitar. It looks beautiful with its Abalone Rosette, set into the pale Solid A+ Sitika Spruce Top. Its long Baritone Scale tuned from B to B, gives you a sound that is tonally between acoustic and Bass. It's Spruce Top and Mahogany back and sides give it the most beautiful balanced sound, with rich, round Bassey...

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Danelectro Bass DB56
( Bass Guitar DanoDB56 )

This Danelectro DB56 Bass is an absolute beauty.With 2 single coil lipstick pickups, it has a  fabulous 60's bass tone.And with its small 56 shaped body ,made of  the classic Dano composite , it is really light and comfortable to play, easy on the shoulders and back. Made in 2015 as a reissue ,it is  preloved but in excellent condition!    

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Vox GV4 Bass
( Bass Vox GV4 )

£30 off if you buy in the shop! This Gorgeous,super rare Vox VG4, semi-acoustic bass was ,made in 1969 in Japan. The 1970 Vox catalog described the V.G.4 as follows:  "The bass guitar for the professional with a semi-acoustic, double cutaway body and fast action neck. Fully compensating bridge, tailpiece and adjustable built-in truss rod gives you a full...

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Session Pro Bass-Precision
( Bass-Sessioprecision )

This Session Pro Bass is an excellent work horse of a bass, or an excellent bass to start out on!

Made as a copy of a Fender Precision bass, it has the same split coil middle pickup with tone and volume control. Simple and straight forward - but does just what you need as a bass player!

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Crafter 12 String 08-12/N
( Crafter 12 string )

This Handsome Crafter 12 String 08-12/N is a very beautiful Guitar, with lovely Abalone inlayed into the Rosette . It has a Spruce top and Mahogany back and sides giving the 12 string a beautiful rich ,sparkling, luminous tone!The Dreadnought size body gives it amazing volume too!   Serial number : 08030697  

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Danelectro 59X
( Danelectro 59X )

This Danelectro 59X reissue is a Dano reinvented, with a hugely wider range of sound and tone, than the Classic Dano 59! Instead of the ususal 2 single coil lipstick pickups on the classic Danelectro, this model sports a P90 pick up at the neck and a humbucker lipstick pickup at the bridge with coil splitter,allowing you to split the humbucker into two single coils.As a result...

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Danelectro 59X
( Danelectro 59X )

This Danelectro 59X reissue is a Dano reinvented, with a hugely wider range of sound and tone, than the Classic Dano 59! Instead of the ususal 2 single coil lipstick pickups on the classic Danelectro, this model sports a P90 pick up at the neck and a humbucker lipstick pickup at the bridge with coil splitter,allowing you to split the humbucker into two single coils.As a result...

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D'Angelico EXL1
( DAngelico EXL1 )

£30 off if you by direct in the shop as we dont have to contend with pay pal fees. This D'Angelico EXL1 was one of the first of this reissue model of Guitars to arrive in Britain, sent from America .It is faithful in every detail to the original John D'Angelico legendary Archtop design. It is a stunning instrument in Vintage Sunburst, with the classic...

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Double Bass- Electric upright hand crafted by Brian Dixon
( Double Bass Electric )

This Electric upright Double bass was designed and handcrafted by local Luthier Brian Dixon. It's side arm is designed to keep the instrument balanced and in place as you play, but it also unscrews making this bass easily portable and allows it to take up very little room in your home.  It is made with a Sycamore neck,Ash body, Maple bridge and Mahogany...

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Electric Guitar (Cort- we think)
( Electric Guitar )

£7 off if you buy direct in the store This unnamed Electric, looks very much like a Cort to us but has no label or name or serial number, but it is a beautiful  well crafted guitar.It looks stunning with Flame Maple top, Mahogany back and neck and Rosewood fingerboard with Abalone dots.It's EMGHZ dual humbucker style pickups , give it  a full fat , warm tone...

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Epiphone SG
( Epiphone SG Black )

This Ephphone SG is an absolute classic!With double humbucker pickups and 2 tone, and 2 Volume controls,it has a bistering range of full fat Rock sounds!  

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Fender Stratocaster Mexican
( Fender Strat Mexican )

This Fender Stratocaster was made in the Ensenada plant Mexico in 1995 to 1996. Serial number:MN5164548 Specifications: Finish:Sunburst Pickups:3 Single coil  Controls: 5 way Switch, 1 Volume, 1 Tone

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Fender Electro Acoustic12 string JG 12CE/12
( Fender12strgJG12CE )

This Fender Electro Acoustic 12 string was made in Korea between 1988 and 1996.Serial number : 03086307 Its Spruce Laminate top and Mahogany Back and sides , give it a warm luminous tone , which is faithfully amplified by the Cherub GT5 preamp, with inbuilt tuner. Its has a few marks, due to its age, but is in good condition .It has had a Curvy sounds set up which...

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FenderSquier Affinity Telecaster
( FenderSquierAffiTele )

This Fender Squier Affinity Telecaster is an fantastic workhorse of a guitar and an excellent Guitar to get started on.

With two single coil pickups ,it has a fabulous, classic Tele Tone!

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Gibson L4 - Archtop 1953
( Gibson L4 1953 )

Reduced from £4995 to £4575 This stunning Gibson L4 Archtop, was made in America in the Kalamazoo factory, in 1953. It was bought in Liverpool in the 50's by a Guitarist who played in the House band of the Adelphi Hotel in Liverpool in the 50's and 60's. We are now selling it for Tom English the drummer from Maximo Park.It has been restored by...

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Greg Bennett Samick Formula FA-2 TBL Telecaster
( GregBennettTelecaste )

This Samick Formual FA-2 Telecaster is beautiful guitar, designed by Greg Bennett . The goal of his Formula designs was to'exaggerate the character of the original guitar'.With the Formula FA-2 he has made the cutaway more extreeme, giving added dynamism to the shape of the solid Alder body! The through body bridge gives extra attack and sustain to...

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Hand crafted Telecaster
( HandCraftedTelecaste )

This hand crafted Telecaster was made by Michael Kennedy in 2010. It has a Solid Ash with a Maple neck. 2 Seymour Duncan single coil pick ups,with a 5 way switch and a bridge pick up setting that gives you a Jerry Donahue sound! You can also get into the back of the guitar to adjust the 2 capacitors and 2 resistors to your taste. Specifications:...

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Ibanez RG8 8 string
( Ibanez RG8 8 string )

This Ibanez RG8 8 string Electric is the perfect guitar for a player who likes to down tune to get more bass and bottom end into their sound. Tuned to F#-B-E-A-D-G-B-E , giving you a fantastic range of bottom end notes, without the need to change your tuning all the time !The Seymour Duncan pickups , give a great amplified fat warm sound and remains...

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Jedson Japanese 60's Telecaster
( Jedson Japanese Tele )

This Japanese 60's Jedson Telecaster is in Mint condition . It's slim lightweight body and Curvy Sounds set up makes it easy, comfortable and a joy to play! Specifiactions:   original single coil pick up. adjustable bridge. 1 Volume, 1 Tone Control. Sunburst finish.

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Juan Estruch
( Juan Estruch )

This Juan Estruch Classical Guitar was made in Spain in 1972 and it is an exceptionally gorgeous Guitar to play!The Estruch family established as makers in Barcelona in the late 1800's and have been making excellent quality guitars ever since. It has a solid Spruce top,Indian Rosewood back and sides, Ebony fingerboard and bridge, and a bone nut and saddle. It has a...

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Kaye KD28 electro acoustic
( Kaye KD28 )

This Kaye KD28 was made in Italy we think in the 1970's by the same guitar makers that produced EKO guitars.With an incredibly tough, bomb proof build , this dreadnought has survived well, although it has a fair few dents around its edges , but nothing that effects its overall aesthetic . With a Curvy Sounds set up it is playing nice and easy with lovely low action.It has been...

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Kirtley Electric Resonator
( kirtles reso )

This beautiful Electric Resonator was hand crafted by talented local Luthier and musician, Alex Kirtley. He made this unusual instrument in homage to the electric Resonators made by National in the 50's and 60's.  It's slim body is made of Pine, with the Resonator inset into it and finished in a high gloss sunburst. It has a Mahogany neck...

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Left Handed Tanglewood Bass Guitar Warrior II
( Left hand Tanglewood )

Reduced  from £160  to £130.                                                  Tanglewood Left Handed Bass Guitar-Warrior II Specifications: Dark natural finish. 2 EMC Electronics Pick ups. 2 Volume controls. 1...

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Left Handed Stagg Strat Copy
( Left Handed Stagg St )

This left Handed Stagg Stratocaster copy.Is a good starter guitar for a lefty or for a player on a budget! .

With its 3 single coil pickups and 5 way switch ,it has can deliver the full range of different of classic stratocaster sounds. Cheap and cheerful but a good workhorse of a guitar!

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Left Handed Seagull S6
( Left handSeagull S6 )

Seagull guitars are handed crafted in the Village Patrie in Quebec.Robert Godwin the Founder of Seagull guitars is an absolute perfectionist.Every S6 is pressure tested for rigidity and stiffness to give it maximum harmonic vibration and the compound curved top allows for thinner bracing.The integrated set neck,gives it stable and consistent action and reduces any chance of warping or...

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Left Handed Fender Acoustic DG-14SLB
( LefthandedFenderDG14 )

This Left Handed Fender DG-14SLB Steel String Acoustic ,Dreadnought is a very good quality Guitar for the money .

It is in excellent condition and plays beautifully, with a bright, warm, well balanced tone and bags of Volume.

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Left handed Ibanez EW20LASE-NT 1201
( LefthandedIbanezEW20 )

This Ibanez EW20LASE-NT 1201, is such an exquisite guitar to look at, with such beautiful waves of golden grain ,in its quilted Ash top  back and sides, offset by an Abalone Rosette and pale cream binding. The electronics of the Ibanez B - band SquealRepelal pick up, minimize feedback, making this an amazing guitar to perform with.The B band tranducers use an...

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Left Handed Gibson Les Paul Deluxe
( LH Gibson LP Deluxe )

This Left Handed Gibson Les Paul Deluxe is a rather special Guitar ! It was made in 1981on September 23rd, production number 3 in the Kalamazoo Factory in the USA, in 1981.It is a beautifully made Guitar of such high quality, with  amazing care and thought put into the details. The two mini Humbucker pickups are suspended in cradles,and the surrounds are above a...

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Lef Handed Line 6 Variax 500
( LH line 6 Variax 500 )

This Line 6 Variax is multiple guitars in one! It is basiclly a synth within a guitar, with 25 digital preset guitar voices ,taking you through all the classic sounds from a 1960's Fender Telecaster custom to a 1968 Rickenbacker 360 to a Danelectro and more- see the list below. LINE 6 began making the VARIAX 500 in 2002 and it was discontinued around 2005. The bridge of...

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Left Handed Marlin Sidewinder
( LH Marlin Sidewinder )

This Marlin Sidewinder is a foxy little Stratocaster Copy!With two single coil pickups and a bridge humbucker, a coil splitter and a 3 way switch, it is a versatile guitar, producing a great range of sounds.  For a low cost Guitar, it packs a punch, a great starter guitar or a workhorse you can lug around to gigs that looks great , sounds great,plays great...

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Left Handed 'Vintage' brand Les Paul
( LHVintage Les Paul )

This Left Handed 'Vintage' brand Les Paul, with its gloss, Flame Maple, Sunburst Top,with gold hardware, is a beautiful looking Guitar.Its been made really well and given a Curvy Sounds Set up and is playing beautifully. Its 2 humbucker style pickups  gibve it a great full fat rock sound , with a great variety in the range of tones ,as each pickup has its own...

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Line 6 Variax700
( Line 6 Variax 700 )

This line 6 Variax 700 is a high end Variax , with a carved Ash top over a mahogany body and a 1 piece Maple neck with rosewood fingerboard , bone nut and pearl inlays. It's Custom LR Baggs tremelo Bridge, picks up the acoustic sound within the body of the guitar , this is then combined with digital synth like modelling allowing you an incredible multitude of vintage ,classic...

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Mandolin Electric 5 String Mandolin
( Mandolin5stringelec )

This Electric 5 string Mandolin has been hand crafted by local and highly talented, Luthier and musician, Alex Kirtley. He was inspired to make it when he saw Tiny Moore playing with Bob Willis on an electric 5 string Mandolin,look it up if you can and you can hear what a fantastic instrument it is!I will also be putting a demonstration video of Alex playing it on...

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Marlin Sidewinder K34 KT07
( Marlin SidewinderK34 )

This Marlin Sidewinder K34 KT07 was made in Korea in the 80's and it was the workhorse for most 80's bands starting out and It was the best selling budget guitar of 1986 and 1987. The reason for its popularity was the pick ups all had wax pots , making the electrics much more solid and relaible when gigging , and cutting out any unwanted feedback! It is also...

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Locally Made OctoMandola-Brian Dixon
( OctoMandolahandcraft )

This Hand-crafted OctoMandola has been beautifully made by Local Luthier Brian Dixon.It is made with a  solid Cedar top,Walnut back and sides, Mahogany neck,Rosewood Fingerboard and Rosewood Headstock Top.It is such a pleasure to play and really hard to put down.A truly gorgeous instrument!

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Ozark 2001 Portuguese Flat Back Mandolin
( OzarkMandolin 2001 )

This Portugese style Ozark 2001 flat back Mandolin,has an all Solid wood body, with solid Spruce Top, solid Maple back and sides and Maple neck.The large body size and solid wood combine to give it a really good sound, warm and rich with excellent projection. It has a couple of small dents in the front, but is excellent value for such a good sounding Mandolin!

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Peavey T15
( Peavey T15 )

Reduced from £499 to £450 Peavey Electronics based in Mississipi, are best known for their amps and electronics, but in the 70's they branched out into Guitar making.  The Peavey T-15 was developed in the Early 80's.It was given a shortscale neck to make learning easier for beginers and fretting faster for experienced guitarists.Its...

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Raimundo Model B
( Raimundo model B )

Reduced in the Curvy Sounds Sale from £300 to £275 Raimundo model B This Raimundo has been restored by Curvy Sounds.It is a quality Spanish made Classical guitar with Cedar top and Bubinga back and sides, Mahognay Neck and Rosewood Fingerboard. It has a lovely warm tone and with a Curvy sounds set up , has a lovely low action and is really easy to play.

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Rajao 5 String Antonio de Carvalho
( Rajao 5stringCarvalh )

This little Rajao 5 string Guitar originates from Portuguese Madeira  and is played in traditional Madeiran folk dance music . It is also known as the "grandmother" of the Ukulele as along with the Braguinha ( the grandfather of the Uke), it was brought to Hawai in the late 1800's when Madeiran workers were invited by the Hawaian King to come and live and...

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Resonator Richwood RRS-130 with pick up
( ResonatorRichwoodRRS )

This Sunburst  Richwood Resonator RRS-130  is an excellent slide guitar.Designed with a chromed Resonator cone and two grilled sound holes , it has a lovely warm,bright, glimmering tone! It has been modified with a humbucker pickup, so you can amplify it perfectly if you want to record or perform.

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Roland Digital Piano FP 1 with Flight case
( roland fp1 )

This Roland FP1 is a professional Grade Digital Piano ,full 88 note scale, with weighted keys. It has 2 different Grand piano voices, electric piano, strings,Syn strings, Chorus & Reverb.It also allows you to layer two of the sounds over each other You can also transpose the tuning of the key board or tune it to another instrument you are playing with. Comes with...

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Shearton Epiphone Semi Acoustic 1997
( Sheraton Epiphone )

This Sheraton Epiphone was made in the Samick plant in Korea, in 1997.It has been modified with a Bigsby Tremelo and bridge. A beautiful guitar with Tobacco burst finish that glows against the gold hardware and Bigsby TremI! It's double humbucker pickups ,amplify and accentuate its lush, rich, luminous warm tone, which has a wide variety of shades, given by the...

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Silver Series Squier Fender 1993 Made in Japan
( SilverseriesquierMIJ )

This Classic, Silver Series Squier, Fender Stratocaster, was Made in the Fuji - jen Japan between 1993 and 1994.It is an absolute doozie and a very sought after guitar , so get your self down here and give it a try before its gets snapped up!

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Squier Fender Mini
( Squier Fender Mini )

This Squier Fender Mini Stratocaster is a little beauty , with 3 single coil pickups and 5 way switch it is an incredibly versatile little guitar.It's thin, small, lightweight body make it really easy on the back and shoulders! Its preloved but in great condition!Great for kids as a first electric or for adults wanting a small bodied Guitar. Fender says " The...

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Tanglewood Dreadnought TW28483
( Tanglewood TW28483 )

  Tanglewood TW28483 Dreadnought .This is an excellent value Guitar, with solid Spruce top, Mahogany back and sides, giving it a well balanced tone, warm but bright with loads of volume. In excellent condition, barely played! Specifications: Finish :Natural Satin Top :Solid Spruce Back: Mahogany Sides: Mahogany Neck :Mahogany, One-Piece...

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Tenor Banjo -Savannah 1930's
( Tenor Banjo Savannah )

We are selling this Beautiful 1930's Savannah Tenor Banjo for Guitarist and Luthier Kieth Stephen! It has a 23 inch scale , orginal ebony 1930's fingerboard , ebony veneer on the headstock, an Ash hoop, a Walut V neck,and a beautifully engraved metal resonator It needed extensive work to get it playing well and Kieth  restored this...

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Top twenty Guyatone
( Top Twenty Guyatone )

£16 off if you buy direct in the shop as we dont have to contend with paypal fees.Makes it £399 in shop This Top Twenty Guitar was made by Guyatone in Japan in 1967.It has been restored  and set up by Curvy Sounds ,and it now plays like an absolute beauty, with a lovely low action.Curvy Sounds Luthier, Andrew Mills, has fashioned a new whammy bar out of scrap...

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Ukulele -Tenor -Kieth Stephens
( Uke-Tenor KiethSteph )

This Unusual, Triangular shaped, Tenor Ukulele, was designed and hand crafted by, talented local Luthier, Kieth Stephens in 2020.  Kieth makes his instruments from reclaimed wood from old furniture. He often finds beautiful hardwoods, in table tops, drawers and banisters and uses these to make his instruments . The body of this Tenor is made...

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Ukulele- Tenor -Kieth Stephens
( UkuleleTenKiethCedar )

This Triangular, Tenor, Ukulele was designed and hand crafted by talented local Luthier Kieth Stephens.He made it of reclaimed wood from old furniture,saving precious hardwood from landfill. The  Cedar Top is made from an old board,the Hondurus Mahogany Back and sides, from old drawer fronts.The long scale, Mahogany neck, is made from a Banister.The Maple Veneer on...

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Ukulele -Vintage Harmony 1950's-60's
( UkulelVintageHarmony )

This Vintage Soprano Ukulele is unnamed, but our friend and Ukulele expertand renowned Luthier  Kevin Parsons is absloutely clear that it has all the hallmarks of a Harmony.

Made in America in the 50's to 60's,it is all made of Mahogany and has a gorgeous warm tone.

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V Sanchis serie 1900 Modelo Torres Classical
( V Sanchis 1900 Tores )

£15 off if you buy in the shop. This beautiful Spanish Classsical Guitar was made by V Sanchis, in Valencia, in 1988. It is the Torres 1900 Model ,with a Spruce soild top and Mahogany back and sides , giving it a lovely warm , balanced tone.It's small body size and shorter scale (640mm) make it very comfortable to play .Its also very pretty to look at with...

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Viola -Primavera Loreato 15.5" A T012
( Viola PrimaveraAT012 )

This Lovely Primavera Loreato 15.5" Viola , is an excellent, high quality,hand crafted, student Viola ,"the perfect instrument for an advancing and committed student towards their higher grades". Hand carved figured Maple and Spruce with inlaid purfling,with a shaded antiqued satin finish .It is a handsome looking instrument with a lovely warm rich...

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Violin 1/2 size Companion
( Violin 1/2 Companion )

£15 off if you buy direct in the shop. This 1/2 size Companion Violin was made in France in the  JTL (Jerome Thibouville-Lamy) factory in the early 1900's. It is a beautiful little Violin ,with Spruce top and Maple back and sides and a lovely bright, warm tone. An excellent violin for the excelling young player.

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Violin 4/4 Gewa
( Violin 4/4 Gewa )

This Full size Gewa Violin, is a high end Violin suitable for an intermediate to advanced level player, grade 5 to diploma standard.Great for session playing folk and classical an dany other style you feel like playing!It has a lush bright tone , with  lovely rounded bass notes , and excellent levels of volume. It has been recently set up by high end Violin Luthier Sophie Ball.the...

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Violin 4/4 Jerome Thibouville-Lamy
( Violin4/4J.Thibouvil )

This 4/4 full size,Vintage  Violin was made in France in the workshops of Jerome Thibouville-Lamy,   around 1900.It has been restored and set up by Curvy sounds `and is playing beautifully with a lovely, rich, tone.

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Violins Stentor / primavera 1/4,1/2,3/4,4/4
( ViolinsStentor/Prim )

We have a range of budget preloved Violin Outfits with case and bow.We have both Stentors and Primavera.Our Violins have been set up to play as well as possible with low action on the strings.

We have 1/4 size, 1/2 size, 3/4 size and full size- ring or email for further details of what we have available.

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Yamaha Acoustic FG200
( Yamaha AcousticFG200 )

This Yamaha Acoustic FG200 is a Vintage Yamaha Steel string Dreanought.

It been given a Curvy Sounds set up and plays with a lovely low action, with a balanced , warm sound with bags of Volume!

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Zenith Archtop Model 21 Deluxe
( Zenith Archtop )

This Zenith Model 21 Deluxe Archtop ,was made by Framus in Germany the 1956.It was commissioned by the talented guitar player Ivor Mairants and distrubuted by Boosey and Hawkes. Ivor was banjo and guitar player for many British Dance bands inthe 1930's.In the 1950's he devoted alot of his energy to writing  music and instructional method books for...

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