We apologise, but we are closed until 11th of January. This is due to a late start for school due to Covid protocol and Andrew's ill health.

You can buy from us online on our website .If there is anything you require and it is not on the website, contact us curvysounds@yahoo.com or through the website or ring me on 07725524928.

 If  you were scheduled to bring in repairs this week please bring them in next week.If you can bring them in on the same day of the week that you were booked in for this week that would be very helpful.We will be open 10am -5.30 Tuesday to Saturday.

If you have any enquires you can get in touch by email curvysounds@yahoo.com or through the website or ring me on 07725524928.

We sell Guitar pedals, Mixing desks, Synthesisers, Effects units, Microphones ,Recording equipment and PAs.

The majority of these are second hand ,so our stock is constantly changing.If there is something you want which you cant see get in touch as it may just not be up on the website yet.