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Guitar & Uke Stock

We stock New Vintage,Encore,Palma and Falcon, Danelectro, Italia  and Tanglewood Guitars. 

We  give all our Guitars, a 'Curvy Sounds' set up,which gives them a beautifully playable, low action.

We also stock a range of Vintage, Laka and Riptide Ukuleles.

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Guitar & Uke Stock

Ukulele Falcon Hawaii
( Uke Falcon Hawaii )

This little Falcon Ukulele is an great value instrument to get someone started into music. 

It comes in red,pink,blue and natural.

If you buy it on the shop,we can reduce it to £15.49,as we don't have to cover paypal charges.

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Ukulele Falcon
( Uke Falcon )

These lovely little Falcon Ukuleles come in Dark blue or Natural.

They are cheap and cheerful, but have the best tone of any of the beginner Ukes we have tried.

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Ukulele Soprano Vintage
( Uke Vintage )

This lovely little Vintage Uke is ideal for anyone starting out on the Ukulele.

It comes in red, white or blue ( we are not being deliberately Nationalistic,thats just how they come) or a natural wood.


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Uke Vintage Concert
( Uke Vintage Concert )

If you fancy trying out a Concert Ukulele ,this is the one to start with.

Cheap and cheerful with a good tone.

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Palma Acoustic Guitar 1/2 size Outfit
( palma 1/2 )

A great starter guitar. We supply these Junior, Acoustic Guitar packs, in three funky colours -Metallic blue,Metallic Red,and Metallic purple.

The pack provides a carry bag,black Guitar Strap, pitch pipes and a spare set of strings.

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Ukulele Laka Concert
( Uke laCon )

Lovely Laka Concert Ukulele.

Sapele wood top,back and sides.Mahogany Headstock.Rosewood Bridge.Satin finish.

Rich ,warm tone.

Aquila Strings and Laka padded carry bag.

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Tanglewood Cross Roads Dreadnought TWCR-D
( Tanglewood CrossDred )

Tanglewood Dreadnought  Cross Roads, model TWCR D Whisky barrel finish. This guitar was made in homage to Robert Johnson,who was said to have sold his soul to the devil at the cross roads ,in exchange for his musical talent .And it does look like it was made for playing the blues on the porch.But,there is no need to sell your soul for this beauty ,as it is...

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Ukulele Riptide Soprano
( Uke Riptide Sop )

Summerfield Riptide Soprano Ukulele. Mahogany,with natural satin finish.

Sound hole ,top right  giving an unusual look to these beautiful ukes.

2nd sound hole on side ,to direct sound upwards to the player.

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Tanglewood Crossroads Parlour Guitar TWCRP
( TanglewoodTWCRPE )

Cross Roads Parlour TWCR-P Tanglewood designed the CrossRoads range of guitars in homage to the style and sound of the instruments played by the blues guitarists of 1930's America.The 30's was the era  of the great depression a time of severe poverty and hardship.The guitars made then were simple and unadorned ,designed to play well and last along time....

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Encore 3/4 Pink electric Guitar Outfit
( encore3/4 pk elec )

This pretty pink 3/4 electric is perfect for a youngster with ambition for a rock career .The outfit includes a pink leather strap,inset with a dollar sign in imitation diamonds,2 pink cables,tremelo and Guitar bag. Curvy Sounds offers it at a very good price,and set up with low action,so that small fingers can play with ease. Specification: Body: 3/4 size solid...

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Tanglewood Roadster Folk TWRO-II
( Tanglewood TWRO-II )

Tanglewood Roadster Folk This is a fabuous guitar with a lovely rich tone. Specifications: Shape:Orchestra/Folk Top:Cedar Back,Neck and Sides: Mahogany  Fingerboard:Eboncore Bridge:Black Walnut Rosette:Green Abalone Saddle:ABS white Nut:ABS white, 43mm wide Scale length:650mm Machineheads:ChromeDiecast...

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Encore E6VW
( Encore E6VW )

Encore E6 Outfit The Encore E6 is a stratocaster copy -great value ,excellent quality with a classic Strat tone.Set up by Curvy Sounds to play really easily and with a great low action. An excellent guitar to start on. Outfit includes:Kinsman clip on tuner,a 10watt Kinsman amp,a guitar strap,a guitar bag,guitar lead,a spare set of strings and a instructional DVD....

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Tanglewood Union Series Folk
( Tanglewood TWUF )

Tanglewood Union Series, Solid Top folk TWUF Serial number KU1701100392 Specification: Shape:Orchestra/Folk Top:Solid Mahogany. Back & Sides:Mahogany Neck : Mahogany. Bridge: Black Walnut. Binding (Top):ABS Black/White. Binding (Side):Maple. Rosette: Maple Saddle: ABS Ivory Nut (Width):ABS w hite (43mm)....

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Danelectro 59
( Danelectro 59 new )

Classic black Danelectro 59.This guitar has got style!

It's Klueson style tuners ,plus twin alnico-powered lipstick case pickups , gives the guitar  a great 60's tone and a hot output.


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Ashford Twin
( Ashford Twin )

Ashford Twin A beautifully handmade, solid body, electric guitar.It is exquisitely crafted from 50 year old Elm and Canadian Maple with a one piece rare Ramin wood neck and Rosewood fingerboard. This well balanced electric guitar has a unique tone, look and feel that you won't get from mass produced instruments. Specifications: Solid Elm body with Maple Cap....

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