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 We stock New Vintage,Encore,Palma and Falcon, Danelectro, Italia  and Tanglewood Guitars. 

We  give all our Guitars, a 'Curvy Sounds' set up,which gives them a beautifully playable, low action.

This Christmas we have decided to plant a Tree for every guitar you buy. So the timber used in your Guitar will be replaced by a young, fresh Tree in 2020.

We also stock a range of , Laka ,Feshman and Riptide Ukuleles.

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Guitar & Uke Stock

Ukulele Soprano Vintage
( Uke Vintage )

This lovely little Vintage Uke is ideal for anyone starting out on the Ukulele.Whats more they hold there tuning well once the strings have settled in.

It comes in red, white or blue ( we are not being deliberately Nationalistic,thats just how they come) .


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Korala Ukuleles
( Korala Ukes )

We have a colourful array of Korala Ukuleles in the window at Curvy Sounds,cheap and cheerful and with a great sound!                                                                          They come in...

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Uke Vintage Concert
( Uke Vintage Concert )

If you fancy trying out a Concert Ukulele ,this is the one to start with.

Cheap and cheerful with a good tone.

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Encore Acoustic Guitar 1/2 size Outfit
( palma 1/2 )

A great starter guitar. We supply these Junior, Acoustic Guitar packs, in four funky colours -Metallic Red, dark purple,blue and pink.

The pack provides a carry bag,black Guitar Strap, pitch pipes and a spare set of strings.

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Ukulele Laka Concert
( Uke laCon )

Lovely Laka Concert Ukulele.

Sapele wood top,back and sides.Mahogany Headstock.Rosewood Bridge.Satin finish.

Rich ,warm tone.

Aquila Strings and Laka padded carry bag.

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Tanglewood Cross Roads Folk Guitar
( Tanglewood Cross rd )

Tanglewood Cross Roads Folk Guitar.TWCRO Named after Robert Johnsons,deal with the devil at the crossroads,this Guitar was made by Tanglewood in homage to the blues players of the 1930's.Its dark finish was created to emulate the look of the Whisky barrels from the last century. .Mahogany back, sides and neck. .Spruce Top. .Orchestra shape....

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Vintage Paul Bret signature Statesboro’ Acoustic
( Vintage Parlour )

Paul Brett signature Statesboro’ Parlour Acoustic V880WK.This Mahogany small bodied guitar ,is very comfortable to play and has a lovely,bright,warm tone. Specifications :Top: Hand selected Mahogany. :Back& Sides:Mahogany. :Bridge:Tech wood. :Saddle:White ABS,compensating. :Nut width:ABS 43mm :Scale length:650mm :Tuners:Chrome...

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Ukulele Riptide Soprano
( Uke Riptide Sop )

Summerfield Riptide Soprano Ukulele. Mahogany,with natural satin finish.

Sound hole ,top right  giving an unusual look to these beautiful ukes.

2nd sound hole on side ,to direct sound upwards to the player.

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Tanglewood Union series TWU D
( Tanglewood TWUD )

Tanglewood Union Series TWU D ,Dreadnought Guitar.This very resonablely priced Guitar ,looks lovely with its natural satin finished,russet coloured,mahogany, set against the Maple binding.Whatsmore the solid Mahogany top gives it a great warm,tone and excellent projection. Specifications: :Top: Solid Mahogany. :Back and Sides : Mahogany. :Fingerboard:Eboncore....

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Tanglewood Roadster II TWR2-PE
( Tanglewood TWR2-PE )

Tanglewood TWR2-PE Loverly Cedar toped Parlour Guitar is very comfortable to play with a lush, bright ,clear tone.               Specifications:...

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Tanglewood Union SuperFolk TWUSFCE
( TanglewoodUnionTWUSF )

Tanglewood Union Superfolk. TWUSFCE                                             This beautiful Tanglewood electro acoustic cutaway is made out of Mahogany with a solid top and has a...

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Elderwood Ida
( Elderwood Ida )

This gorgeous green Elderwood Ida ,with its vivid viridian scratch plate is an utterly unique guitar! It's reclaimed pine body and cut away body shape make it an incredibly comfortable guitar to play.                                            ...

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Elderwood Reba
( elder reba )

This Reba Elderwood has a body shape like a Les Paul Junior and with it's distressed, green paint work and totoiseshell scratch plate, it looks fantastic. It's P90 pick up gives it a warm bluesy tone and you can push  up your volume in the blink of an eye with the booster switch if you need to mid song.                  ...

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Tanglewood TVC XMP
( Tanglewood TVC XMP )

This Tanglewood Evolution Exotic TVC xMP is a very gorgeous guitar ,with a gloss finish which allows the grain of the wood to sing out beautifully.Its venetian cutaway makes it easy to play and stretch up to those high notes at the top of the neck.Its It’s Grand Audotorium body ,gives it great volume and a bright,bold tone. Specifications: :Shape: Grand...

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Elderwood Karon
( elderkaro )

This Elderwood Karon Guitar has been made from reclaimed Pine from an old barn, and by god, what a great way for an old piece of timber to be reborn.It has a cool, offset body shape and ochre finish that allows the grain to show through beautifully.                               It's 2 pick ups, a p90 at...

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Elderwood Rebeckah OST3
( Elderwood Rebeckah )

Barrie Anderson of Elderwood Guitars has just created a new range of beautiful unique Guitars,made from reclaimed timber.                      The Rebeckah,looks super cool, with its smokey blue finish , offset body shape ,and beautifully designed, engine turned aluminum plates and...

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Elderwood Cheyenne
( Elderwood Cheyenne )

 This Elderwood Cheyenne is a stunning guitar.Its unique body shape, brass scratch plate and copper coloured finish give it one hell of an arresting...

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Tanglewood Winterleaf Left handed TW4 WHLH
( Tanglewood TW4 WHLH )

This Tanglewood Winterleaf TW4 WHLH superfolk is a very lovely ,Left handed Guitar. With its solid Spruce Top and Mahogany Back and Sides ,it has a luscious ,bright,rich tone,faithfully amplified by the preamp and pick up system.With it’s left handed cutaway it is comfortable to play and easy to reach those top notes. Specifications: Top: Soild Spruce. :Back...

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Ashford ‘ The Son’
( Ashford ‘The Son’ )

‘The Son’ is a beautiful chambered,  electric guitar, handcrafted by Ashford guitars, in Gateshead. It’s body and neck are made from solid African Mahogany with a two piece,book matched,Ash cap,finished in Shoreline Gold Nitrocellulose. This light,compact and well balanced guitar has a unique tone,look and feel . Specifications:...

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Ashford 'The Daughter'
( Ashford-The Daughter )

Ashford - The Daughter. This Guitar is handcrafted by local maker Ashford Guitars,based in Gateshead and is utterly unique!.                  A beautifully handmade,chambered bodied electric Guitar,Body and Neck crafted from solid African Mahogany with a two piece,book matched,flame Ash cap and AA grade rosewood fingerboard.    ...

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