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World Music Instruments

We are closed for the Queens Jubilee from Thursday the  02/06/22 to Saturday the 04/06/22.We will reopen on Tuesday the 6th and then will resume normal hours Tuesday to Saturday 10am-5.30pm.

If you have any enquires you can get in touch by email or through the website or ring 07725524928.

We sell a colourful range of Fair trade world music instruments:-Likembe,Drums(Djembe,ocean drums,tounge drums,monkey drums,thunder drums) Cabasas, Cuicas, Digeridoos, Ocarinas, Flutes, Whistles, Wind chimes, Prayer bells, Singing bowls, Xylophones, a selection of animal guiros and more.

They are all beautiful to look at and make a great sound.

These instruments are made of ceramics,wood or bamboo and are plastic free.

If you want to buy several instruments,we will of course try to package them in the same  box and reduce your postage  to the one parcel cost. 

World Music Instruments

50cm Djembe,Pro Series
( 50 Djembe )

 The Pro series Djembe has the highest specification with extra rope,double rings and the finest natural string.Beuatifully decorated with carving and paintwork.50cm diameter drum head.

It comes with a free hat, to protect the skin!

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cha cha on a stick
( cha stick )

Percussive shaker on a stick made from Cha cha nuts from the Peruvian Amazon.20cm long,colours vary.

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( Didge )

Vibrantly, hand painted wooden Didgeridoo,so each Didgeridoo is different. 128cm long.

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( Gobijeu )

The Gobijeu is a one stringed, Indian instrument. You bend the note by pressing the bamboo sides, while plucking the string.You can change the note by turning the tuning peg. Great fun,but it also has a classy musical past-featuring in 'Dream Brother' by Jeff Buckley ! 49cm high x 10cm diameter. Hand painted, so colours and designs vary.  ...

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( Gong )

Beautiful Gong produces different ringing tones ,depending on where you hit it with the beater.Designs vary-our current stock of Gongs are plain with beaten marks into the metal. 24 cm diameter 29cm long beater.





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Jaw Harp
( Jaw Harp )

Place these little bamboo Jaw Harps between your teeth and pluck, to create a note that sounds like a bouncing spring. Changing the shape, inside your mouth changes the note.Great fun!

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Meo Finger Bells
( Meo Bells )

Golden embossed bells to ring on your fingers,made in Tibet.



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Nut on a string
( nutos )

Percussive shaker ,made from seeds, in Indonesia. This is a fair trade instrument and helps protect rainforest trees from the loggers,as it gives the trees an alternative monetary value.They are harvested to make funky instruments, instead of timber!  

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Percussive Spoons
( Percussive Spoons )

Made from beautiful dark wood,these spoons can create a great range of sounds,by changing the cupping  0f your hand as you play them.

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Rainsticks 50cm
( Rainsticks 50cm )

These 50cm Rainsticks are made out of Bamboo and hand painted in Indonesia.Tip them to hear the sound of rain on jungle leaves.

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Rubber Seed Shaker
( Rub shak )

Fair Trade percussive shaker, made from the seeds of the Rubber tree.

Decorated fibre glass handle.-This is the one World Music instrument we have that is not plastic free.

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Shipbo Shaker
( Shipbo )

Percussive shaker made by people from the Shipbo tribe in the Amazonian rainforest.

It is fairtrade so people are paid properly and it helps to sustain their indigenous way of life. 

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Singing Bowl 5
( Singing Bowl 5 )

Hand Beaten 5" Singing Bowl. Made in India. Run the stick around the outside of the bowl ,until a constant ringing tone is produced. The osscilating tones of the note are said to put the mind in a meditative state. Used in Buddist meditation ,each bowl size ,produces a different note,which are said to stimulate and open the the corresponding chakra.

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Thumb Pianos
( Thumb pianos )

Thumb Pianos,made out of coconuts-each with a intricate decoration,in a wide range of colours. They fit neatly into the palms of your hands as you play,and the polished coconut feels lovely to hold!  Bright,warm tone.  

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Thunder Drum
( Thunder drum )

Shake the spring and the Drum makes a low Thundering sound.

Comes in a variety of colourful animal designs.


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Tibetan Prayer Bells
( Tibetan prayer bells )

These make an incredible,high clear tone, that hits you right in your third eye.! Used in Buddhist meditation.


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Vietnamese Xylophone
( Vietnam xylo )

Vietnamese Xylophone,makes delicate,woody tone .

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Wrist Bells
( Wrist Bells )

These brightly coloured bells,can be strapped round your wrist,so they jingle as you move.

Made in Peru.

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