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You can contact us on :0191 4474342,, or instagram, or through the website.

(We are having problems with facebook at the moment,and have been locked out due to all our passwords being wiped, we are trying to get back in but with no luck so far, so for the moment don't use facebook messanger to contact us.Posts will still appear on facebook but we cant see your messages or change the shop opening times on facebook.)

We sell Amps old and new.We also sell mixing Desks, Synths, Pedals and Microphones.
We do not repair amps or electronics at present.




Dominator 25 Bass Amp
( Dominator 25BassAmp )

This WEM Dominator 25 Bass Amp , is an incredible 1970's Bass Amp. Its a 25 watt, Valve Amp , with 2 channels.

Light weight and easy to carry, with most incredible fat, warm sound! They make amazing studio amps  and are great with Guitars and keyboards too

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Kinsman 10 watt amp BB10
( Kinsman 10 )

A cute little 10 watt Amp with a good sound.

Perfect for practicing at home without annoying the neighbours.

Brand New!

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Marshall JCM900 4100 Vintage reissue 100 watt valve Head
( Marshall JCM900 )

We are selling this for Maximo Park- we have two for sale . The  Marshall JCM900 4100  is a player's favourite, an all-valve 100 watt Marshall head .. Known for its great reliability, the JCM900 range has won many fans with its incredible versatility. Channel A has been voiced for a sparkling clean on lower gain settings, building up to a raunchy crunch when driven...

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MG100DFX Marshall Amp
( MG100DFX Marshall )

This 100 Watt solid state MG100DFX Marshall Amp is  is an excellent Amp that will blast out enough volume for you to match your drummer or allow you to play gently in your home without losing your full fat tone. It has a great array of inbuilt effects to experiment with- Reverb, Delay, Chorus and Flange, twin channels and a dual footswitch to change channel and turn the...

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Spark mini booster pedal -TC Electronix
( Sparkminiboosterpeda )

Spark, mini booster TC Electronix pedal. Preloved in excelllent condition with original box The TC Electronic Spark Booster Mini Effects Pedal is the perfect solution to adding impact to your solos or main riffs. Despite its compact size, this powerful pedal features an analogue circuit that is capable of delivering up to 20dB of clean boost. If you're looking for a...

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