Curvy Sounds is closed from Tuesday the 20th of February  for two weeks.We reopen on Tuesday the 6th of March.

Please don't order anything on our website until then.

Thank you.

We sell Amps old and new.We also sell mixing Desks, Synths, Pedals and Microphones.


Kinsman 10 watt amp BB10
( Kinsman 10 )

A cute little 10 watt Amp with a good sound. Perfect for practicing at home without annoying the neighbours. Brand New!

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Laney Lion Heart Lh20 20 watt
( Laney Lion H 80 watt )

Laney Lion Heart L20H,20 wattt Guitar Amp. Fantastic Amp,beautiful tone. One of the best amps we've ever played,  our amp of choice when we plug in a guitar in the shop. Serial no :-1175 Made in the UK.

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