Guitar Repairs/customisation

Curvy Sounds is Closed until the 9th of January.We can open by appointment from the from Wednesday the 4th of January , if you want to buy an instrument, get in touch.Repairs do not restart untill the 9th. 

 Happy Christmas and Happy New Year!              

You can contact us on :07725524928

 or, or instagram, or through the website.

(We are having problems with facebook at the moment,and have been locked out due to all our passwords being wiped, we are trying to get back in but with no luck so far, so for the moment don't use facebook messanger to contact us.Posts will still appear on facebook but we cant see your messages or change the shop opening times on facebook.)

We are now back to our full repair service. We have two new very talented Luthiers on our team-Lewis who specialises in electric Guitars and basses and Alex Kirtley - who works on acoustics, mandolins, banjos, mandolas and Ukes.
Andrew will not be repairing until his new workshop is properly up and running , and then he will be working on a more selected smaller volume of repairs,while branching into more vintage restorations and he will be developing his own range of Guitars, and custom made parts and scratch plates.


If you have a repair already at the shop we will contact you when it is done and make an appointment for you to pick it up.

We usually offer an excellent Stringed Instrument Repair service and can customise your instrument to uniquely suit you!

We are also sad to say our Wind instrument repairer the very talented Kieth Magnall is retiring, so we have noone to repair Wind instruments at the moment.We are looking to find someone new but they seem to be few and far between at the moment,but we will try and find someone as soon as we can.

At Curvy Sounds we can guarantee an open, friendly and good value service.We will always do our best to repair the existing instrument without resort to expensive new parts,whenever we can. 

We can set up your Guitar and bring the action of the strings down to get rid of any buzzing issues and make it easy and comfortable to play.If you play in a specific tuning or with heavier gauge or in a unusual style, let us know and we will set it up to suit your playing.  We do, restringing and tuning, set ups, fret work, body work, electronics, truss rods, fix cracks and breaks and generally deal with any issues .

We can customise your instrument or build your instrument if you bring in the parts.We also do inlays, mosaics, body reshaping and more.

Make your instrument unique .Customise it to suit you! We aim to realise your dreams!

(Sorry to disappoint, but we do not do resprays or revarnishing anymore as we havn't got the proper ventilation.We do not repair dents in the varnish either as this is incredibly time consuming and rarely very effective- you can always see the mark unless you revarnish the whole instrument.)



Customising Guitars
Customised ukulele-inlays

Andrew has completed this beautiful inlay job on a Clearwater Ukulele.He drew the design,in response to his customers request.He inlaid ladybirds in red abalone pearl,with painted spots, down the neck.A sunflower in gold mother of pearl and plain abalone round the sound hole .A dragonfly and butterflies, in mother of pearl and plain abalone pearl,on the body.

Clearwater ukulele,before Andrew worked on it.

Andrew using his Dremmel to cut away the shape of the inlays.

Completed sound hole ,close up.

Dragonfly inlay, close up.

Ladybird inlay,close up.