Kids Instruments

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We offer a colourful, range of fairtrade instruments for Kids,many of which would also make fun presents for adults.These are made of ceramics,wood or bamboo and are plastic free.

We also sell 3/4 size and 1/2 size guitars,and fun coloured ukuleles for young players.

If you want to buy several items-we will ,of course, pack them into one box( if they will fit ), to save you on postage costs.

Kids Instruments

15cm Djembe
( 15cm Djembe )

A little Djembe for little fingers. Comes in a variety of colours. 


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Peruvian animal Ocarinas
( Animal Ocarina )

These beautiful animal Ocarinas make a fabulous present. Made out of clay in Peru,they come painted in a variety of bright colours and designs,as frogs,fish,birds,crocodiles and tortoises.                   

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Armadillo Scraper
( Armadillo )

Scratch this charming Armadillo with the stick and he makes a lovely percussive sound. Carved in Bali.


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Bird Whistles
( Bird Whistles )

Pull the stick up and down while blowing into the whistle, to create a sound like the Clangers.

Individually painted by hand.

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Cricket Scraper
( Cricket Scraper )

Scratch this Cricket with a stick and he sounds exactly like.......... a Cricket!

Carved in Vietnam.


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Crocodile Scrapers
( Croc Scraper )

These wooden crocodiles make a great percussive sound, when you run the stick down the spine.

Carved in Thailand.



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Geko Clack
( Geko Clack )

Intricately painted percussive Geko.Hold the Gekos head in one hand ,the tail in the other and ripple the slats in between to create a satisfying clacking sound.

Hand crafted in Bali Indonesia

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Guitar -Palma Acoustic 1/2 size Outfit
( Guitar 1/2 Palma )

These charming starter acoustic Guitars come in metallic blue, purple or red.

They come with Guitar bag,strap,pitch pipe,pick and spare set of strings.


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3/4 pink Electric Guitar outfit
( Guitar 3/4 pink elec )

3/4 size Pink Electric Outfit-perfect for a girl who wants to Rock! Comes with leather pink strap,with studded ,sparkling $ sign,2 pink leads,tremelo and Bag


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Falcoln 3/4 acoustic
( Guitar Falcoln 3/4 )

This 3/4 size Falcoln Guitar comes in natural wood.Good beginners Guitar.


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Hooting owls 2 inches
( Hooting owl )

These charming little owls make a lovely hooting sound when blown.Carved in Thailand.They are very petite,little, owls ,measuring in at 2 inches high.


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Hooting owl ,3 inches
( hooting owl 3 )

Blow into this owl and he hoots obligingly. 3" high.

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Hornby Recorders
( Hornby Recorder )

Hornby Recorders- come in red,blue,yellow or green. Bright attractive colours, to inspire the kids to play! Sold with notation/fingering chart.  

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Indian Damura
( Indian Damura )

Hold this little Indian drum by the middle strings and twist so the string beaters hit the skin. Great sound.


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monkey Drum
( Monkey )

Monkey Drum,with Giraffe or Zebra paint design,made in Kenya.


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rainbow ocarinas
( Ocarinas rainbow )

These pretty little rainbow ocarinas,can hang round your neck,so that you can play a tune at any time.

Made from clay and hand painted in Peru.

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Ocean Drum
( Ocean Drum )

This drum sounds like the sea,when you tilt it you hear the sound of the waves on the sand.Comes in  a variety of colours and designs.


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( Penguin )

This cheeky little character,gives a comic squawk when you blow into him.Fun for the kids!

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Peruvian flutes
( Peruvian )

Brightly colored flutes made in Peru. Each flute is decorated with an animal design.


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Large Peruvian Flutes
( Peruvian Flute large )

These large pipes are made out of bamboo and hand decorated in Peru.

They make a lovely woody tone.

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Small Rainstick
( Small Rainstick )

Individually decorated small Rainstick, tilt to hear the rain.A perfect size for small hands.


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( Sonaja )

These beautiful,brightly coloured Sonajas ,are made of Rafia,with a bell inside.Brilliant for kids,especially lil ones as they are chewable and  so soft that you can bash them off anything & nothing comes to harm.

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Twirly Drum
( Twirly Drum )

Rub the stick between your hands to make the string beaters hit the skin.  Pretty design, in a variety of colours.


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Water Bird Pipes
( Water Bird )

These ceramic bird pipes from Peru ,come in a variety of colours and designs.Fill with water and blow to produce a lilting,bubbling bird song.


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