Kids Instruments

We apologise, but we are closed until 11th of January. This is due to a late start for school due to Covid protocol and Andrew's ill health.

You can buy from us online on our website .If there is anything you require and it is not on the website, contact us or through the website or ring me on 07725524928.

 If  you were scheduled to bring in repairs this week please bring them in next week.If you can bring them in on the same day of the week that you were booked in for this week that would be very helpful.We will be open 10am -5.30 Tuesday to Saturday.

If you have any enquires you can get in touch by email or through the website or ring me on 07725524928.

We offer a colourful, range of fairtrade instruments for Kids,many of which would also make fun presents for adults.These are made of ceramics,wood or bamboo and are plastic free.

We also sell 3/4 size and 1/2 size guitars,and fun coloured ukuleles for young players.

If you want to buy several items-we will ,of course, pack them into one box( if they will fit ), to save you on postage costs.

Kids Instruments

15cm Djembe
( 15cm Djembe )

A little Djembe for little fingers. Comes in a variety of colours. 


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Peruvian animal Ocarinas
( Animal Ocarina )

These beautiful animal Ocarinas make a fabulous present. Made out of clay in Peru,they come painted in a variety of bright colours and designs,as frogs,fish,birds,crocodiles and tortoises.                   

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Armadillo Scraper
( Armadillo )

Scratch this charming Armadillo with the stick and he makes a lovely percussive sound. Carved in Bali.


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Bird Whistles
( Bird Whistles )

Pull the stick up and down while blowing into the whistle, to create a sound like the Clangers.

Individually painted by hand.

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Cricket Scraper
( Cricket Scraper )

Scratch this Cricket with a stick and he sounds exactly like.......... a Cricket!

Carved in Vietnam.


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Crocodile Scrapers
( Croc Scraper )

These wooden crocodiles make a great percussive sound, when you run the stick down the spine.

Carved in Thailand.



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Geko Clack
( Geko Clack )

Intricately painted percussive Geko.Hold the Gekos head in one hand ,the tail in the other and ripple the slats in between to create a satisfying clacking sound.

Hand crafted in Bali Indonesia

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Guitar -Palma Acoustic 1/2 size Outfit
( Guitar 1/2 Palma )

These charming starter acoustic Guitars come in metallic blue, purple or red.

They come with Guitar bag,strap,pitch pipe,pick and spare set of strings.


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3/4 pink Electric Guitar outfit
( Guitar 3/4 pink elec )

3/4 size Pink Electric Outfit-perfect for a girl who wants to Rock! Comes with leather pink strap,with studded ,sparkling $ sign,2 pink leads,tremelo and Bag


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Falcoln 3/4 acoustic
( Guitar Falcoln 3/4 )

This 3/4 size Falcoln Guitar comes in natural wood.Good beginners Guitar.


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Hooting owls 2 inches
( Hooting owl )

These charming little owls make a lovely hooting sound when blown.Carved in Thailand.They are very petite,little, owls ,measuring in at 2 inches high.


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Hooting owl ,3 inches
( hooting owl 3 )

Blow into this owl and he hoots obligingly. 3" high.

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Hornby Recorders
( Hornby Recorder )

Hornby Recorders- come in red,blue,yellow or green. Bright attractive colours, to inspire the kids to play! Sold with notation/fingering chart.  

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Indian Damura
( Indian Damura )

Hold this little Indian drum by the middle strings and twist so the string beaters hit the skin. Great sound.


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monkey Drum
( Monkey )

Monkey Drum,with Giraffe or Zebra paint design,made in Kenya.


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rainbow ocarinas
( Ocarinas rainbow )

These pretty little rainbow ocarinas,can hang round your neck,so that you can play a tune at any time.

Made from clay and hand painted in Peru.

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Ocean Drum
( Ocean Drum )

This drum sounds like the sea,when you tilt it you hear the sound of the waves on the sand.Comes in  a variety of colours and designs.


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( Penguin )

This cheeky little character,gives a comic squawk when you blow into him.Fun for the kids!

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Peruvian flutes
( Peruvian )

Brightly colored flutes made in Peru. Each flute is decorated with an animal design.


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Large Peruvian Flutes
( Peruvian Flute large )

These large pipes are made out of bamboo and hand decorated in Peru.

They make a lovely woody tone.

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Small Rainstick
( Small Rainstick )

Individually decorated small Rainstick, tilt to hear the rain.A perfect size for small hands.


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( Sonaja )

These beautiful,brightly coloured Sonajas ,are made of Rafia,with a bell inside.Brilliant for kids,especially lil ones as they are chewable and  so soft that you can bash them off anything & nothing comes to harm.

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Twirly Drum
( Twirly Drum )

Rub the stick between your hands to make the string beaters hit the skin.  Pretty design, in a variety of colours.


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Water Bird Pipes
( Water Bird )

These ceramic bird pipes from Peru ,come in a variety of colours and designs.Fill with water and blow to produce a lilting,bubbling bird song.


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