The Shop

The Shop

We are closed for summer holidays until Tuesday the 29th of August.

Please don't buy anything off our website until then as we won't be available to post it.

Have a good summer!


Curvy Sounds is a Musical Instrument shop in Newcastle.

 31 Heaton Hall Drive,Heaton, NE6 5NQ. 0191 447-4342.

We sell musical instruments -old and new :

- Guitars& Basses


-Orchestral stringed Instruments  

-Stringed instruments from round the world.

 -Woodwind and Brass.

-Drums and percussion.

-Fairtrade World music Instruments

-Kids instruments-to inspire + excite the next generation.

-Amps,mikes,Pedals,Synths,mixing desks,recording equipment.

-Musical Accessories for Wind and String.


Our price range is from shoe string budget to down right classy.

We buy second hand instruments and we can do part exchanges.

You can pay in installments if you need to.

Our stringed instrument repair service is open and friendly.  

However great the damage,bring it in & we will see what we can do. 

We were brought in a Guitar that had been run over by a car and Andrew brought it back from the dead,now it sounds as good as new!